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Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been given the introduction to something that has brought me to a new place in my life and my understanding of the energies that are upon us now. It is something that has opened a new avenue of thought and of the intricacies of this universal story of evolution and our ascension.


I was first introduced to this through some readings I have done, and this has led to more communication and messages from my Sources past and present. I now feel the clarity on this to be able to bring this Wake up call from Sananda. I answered his urging this morning to share this with you and to welcome you to the ability that you all have for greater things than have been done in the name of the creator within each and every one of you.


In joy and love, I bring you today’s message.




Wake up Call: Sananda Oct 29, 07


My dear ones of the world of today, why are you suffering? Why are you not jumping for joy? Why are you not seeing that there is a coming tide of Love that will sweep the world with tender hugs and loving feelings of compassion and overwhelming joy?


I Am Sananda, and in this message I bring you hope for the future wrapped up in a blanket of warmth and the blessing of the season. Did you realize that Halloween was born from the love of the saints? Yes, All Saints Day is the celebration of that which is holy and powerful that elevated mortal man into sainthood. These men and women were able to access their innate abilities and bring them into their daily lives as commonplace. They were able to bring to their lives and others examples of what every man, woman and child is capable of at any moment.


As the years rolled by, and certain people saw that these saints were setting examples for others to follow and the results of that example, they realized that if this were to continue they would not be able to hold their place of sovereignty over the people as they had set out to do.


So they began their mission to subvert the idea of All Saints Day to that of a day celebrating the wizardry and magic of the darkness that is hidden and to be feared. They brought in the idea of witches and goblins fearfully going about their business and creating a day of frightening events that would bring about a day that represented fearful abilities to hide the truth about what these abilities represented.


This created a whole shift in the hearts and minds of man and indicated that the events and abilities of the inner space was something that only certain, dastardly people could access. They saw that with this fearful series of events every year and filtering on into other aspects of life, they had created a rebellion of sorts against anything that one wasn’t consciously able to do. Certain aspects of earth society supported the idea that it was wicked and not in line with God to practice some of the inherent abilities that man has. And this is the backbone of today’s idea that if you are able to bring about supposed magic happenings that you are in league with the devil.


My dear ones, I use such graphic language because there is a truth to what is being presented that can be supported only with the language that was born from it. When you speak of certain elements of earth society there is a language that tells it as it is in order to bring home the meaning of that which is spoken of. In that energy I shall speak of something else that is soon to be transformed in the language for which it was born.


That energy I speak of is the Mushaba Force. Some think of the word force as something that is pushing against, therefore must be evil, or not to be trusted. In truth of earth society and the education that is represented in that society, the American Heritage Dictionary explains (in part) the word force thusly; strength, power; the exertion of such power; a vector (a quantity completely specified by a magnitude and a direction) quantity that tends to produce an acceleration of a body in the direction of its application.


I ask you, in what way does this word represent something that is not in keeping with the teachings that represent your inherent abilities to be, say and do anything that you desire and to have it all happen with the blessings of The Creator?


I offer to you the idea that the Mushaba Force in activation with the Mushaba Energy is what is within each and every one of you at this stage of your evolution through ascension. It is what enables you to the directions that you are being led through in every moment of your lives. With this energy you are transforming your world and rendering it as the examples that you desire and intend for your life.


This Mushaba Force is here to bring you freedom and empowerment. With this force you will be able to more fully bring into your lives that which you know is inherently yours and it will inspire you to the means by which to regain your strength and empowerment. It is the energy that is between each and every molecule in your body. It speaks to your body through your DNA and awakens every strand in your DNA so that it can speak once again to the brilliance with which you can live your lives.


I suggested to Nancy today that she bring this information forward to you at this time, for it is a time for all of you to pick up the gauntlet of strength and love to be present and moving within every activity that you make. It is the force that will render your life powerful and will bring through the wisdom to know what information to utilize in your choices. This is the ability you have to create your life in a way that suits your mission and your intent for a clear and beautifully designed life.


Where can you find more information on the Mushaba Force? One of the places for this is within your own wisdom and information bank that is uniquely your own. There you will find the understanding to be able to put to use what is inherent within. You will find the empowerment that you were created with, and you will find the inspiration to follow through on making your life reflect the brilliance within.


Another way to be able to find information to stir your inner knowing into the flame of truth is to go to this website http://www.mushabaforce.com and read what some of the ones who are bringing this information forward to the people have to say about it. Now is the time to recognize that there is nothing in this world that you have to fear, to deny, or to give your power away to. There is nothing in this world that you cannot do, once you realize that you have the abilities that some sectors of society would have you fear in yourselves. It is time to take your stand in the force of truth and ride through the pathways that you prepare for a successful, joyful and loving life here on planet earth, and in the whole of All There Is.


I tip my hat to you as I sip the nectar of the Gods, for it is time to celebrate your new found freedom and empowerment in the love that fuels all that you are.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate