Wakeup Call Message
October  27, 2005


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Take a break my friends for a moment from the humdrum and the extraordinary. Take a break from that which stimulates you and from that which bores you silly. Take a break and come with me to the land of softness and care. Come and take a break and see where it takes you, and what you can bring back with you to sustain you through what is to come.


I AM Sananda and I would like to take you on a journey into the future. I am with you all the way, and in this journey you will find a softness that will cushion your every step and soothe the nerves that may become rattled and forlorn.


Take a moment and draw a deep breath and then another. Do this three times, pausing each time to drink in the calmness of the love that emanates forth from your heart. With each breath listen to the murmurs of your soul as it expresses its love for you.


Now go to that place of joy that was with you every moment as you did when you were a child. Feel the freedom of the breeze as it glided along the airwaves and encircled you with its kiss. This is bliss is it not?


As you encircle your world with your love see that it glides and caresses all that is taking place in your world. See that the sharp edges are gone and the softness of love has caressed the most dangerous of events that could have come along. Know that nothing that is not love can touch you. Know that there is but one truth in this world and you represent that truth.


As you sit in the love that you are emitting, you feel the waves of ecstasy wash over you. You then extend that ecstasy out over the world of humankind, and you see that they too take a break from their day and feel the love that soothes and heals. They sigh and they rest for a spell and as they do, they join with you for a deep searching breath that takes them into a state of acceptance and freedom from all that takes place in their world.


You are high on a cliff and the water is rushing below you. In this water are all of the issues that are being banded around on this day. With each successive issue that roils past your vision you know that it is on its way out to the cosmos for the cleaning that is eternal. You know that with the maelstrom that takes the issue heavenward there is a deep cleaning and refreshing change that takes place here on earth and in the cosmos of your soul.


Now you watch as the rushing waters sweep past you with the remnants of the issues of earth. You see yourself and all of humanity riding the issues out of their being and immersing themselves in the energy of truth. You see this energy of truth wash away the remaining darkness and allow the sun to shine forth on the waters and warm them to a slow relaxing current of peace and harmony. You see the current take away the remaining nuances of the dark clouds that had formed above the water, for those clouds mirrored the waters and so do they now.


You see the clouds turn to silver and gold. You see them transform and release their drops into the waters and render it liquid gold. You see dolphins and whales heading for the waters below your place on the cliff, and as they approach your vision they stop and look upward. They pause in their play and whisper to you of their love. You feel the love and the magic healing of their caress that they offer to you in their look and the energetic propulsion of their love.


As you sit in their majesty, you hear what they have to say. You hear them say that they are the bringers of the new energy. They have labored long and hard for this moment, and now it is their time to rejoice along with you. They see that all is coming to a state of readiness for the New Golden Age, and with these next few days we will see an exodus of the matters that have long kept humanity entrapped by its ways.


We hear further from these magnificent beings that there is a new way of being that is upon us. We shall see in the days to come that many of the people in the periphery of the turmoil are to come to terms with their own sovereignty and with that they will come forward and profess their allegiance to the truth. They will step forward and they will gain the respect of the people for they will have come and made themselves known against all odds of survival in the face of what is taking place and what they have been involved with.


These are the true heroes, and as they come forward, recognize them for who they are. The heroes of this day in some cases are the ones who, for fear of losing their lives and those of their loved ones, have stooped to a position that they loathed. Now they are to come forward and bare their souls and know that no matter what, they are redeemed for they can live with themselves once more.


Give your love and support to these ones for they shine a bright beacon for all to see. Know that they are going to walk the path that this will bring, and they will do so with their heads to the heavens and a lightness in their step.


Then the dolphins and the whales swam on and went their way to the other places where they were to spread their truth. You are sitting there on the cliff, tears falling to mix with the waters that a moment ago held the beauty of the truth for all time.


You arise and walk back down the mountain, for you know what you are to do. You are to follow the example of others and bring to the world what you know to be the truth. You are to do that in the energy of love and truth, and you know that no matter what, you will shine.


This is a day born in love and in this day you will know where your journey will take you. It will take you down the road to the hill that rises above all others that you have walked and you will walk that hill in glory and thanksgiving for you now know the way.


You have found your freedom from tyranny and you are ready for whatever comes. You are golden and you are invincible. Go now and see that all that comes your way is but another walk that you take with God and with all of humanity.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate