Wakeup Call Message
October  14, 2005


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Behold a bright new tomorrow! Behold the days of promise as they wash over the horizon. Give unto the dreams of yesteryear and see them as they unfold in the lives of today. Bring into your beingness the idea of beauty, and walk in the fulfillment of the dreams, as they become reality.


I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to the fulfillment of all that you have desired in your life. I welcome you to the unfoldment of the cherished dreams and the forgotten destiny of the beloved.


The forgotten destiny is now coming forth in the remembrance of all who walk this earth. It is coming through the minds and hearts of the ones who walk in remembrance and who send forth the message of the coming of the opening of the new tomorrow.


As we go forth into the new days we do so with the thought of a bright shining star being at the apex of the destiny as it plays out in our lives. We follow that star and we see the gold and silver that shines forth in the light of the star that binds us to the Source of all that is.


How do we get there? What do we do to find that playout? We go along as we are in tribute to the paths that we have created. We find the road less traveled and we follow that course rendering it the only path that leads to the Promised Land. In that course we see the timeworn etchings of the artists of the age that saw in the folds of their canvas what was promised and soon to be created.


I ask you all now to see what I saw so many centuries ago. I ask that you share with me the inner journey that I lived all those centuries past. As we go forth and multiply the etchings on the canvas we see the wonder that unfolds as we go forth and create the land of tomorrow.


Take the blinders from your eyes and see what is directly before you. Show the world what you see and tell the world what the vision tells you. Watch as the promises lie before you and sit at your feet. Know that as you step forward in life you create the path that is well worn and steady in its course.


I come to you this day and I hear the echoes of the time I walked as Jesus. I hear the mournful cries that reverberated upon the cross that symbolized my dying to the old ways. Realize that the spirit is telling you to go forth into the world and live the legacy that was enacted from the days that you and I walked upon the sands of Galilee. Remember that as we walked we set firmly in the ground the determination to go from that day on into this one and to reap the treasures of the journey.


As I stand here upon the mountaintops and survey the landscape before me, I see the glow of the bright new land. I see the laughter and the glee with which you all go about your lives in the new land. I see the desolation melt away to be replaced with the abundance of love in manifestation everywhere.


It is a scene I invite you to. I suggest that you see what I see, for it is glorious. When you enter that stream of light that blesses all that is, you become the blessing and you multiply tenfold a thousand and the momentum of that multiplication spreads over the land embracing all in its path.


Now I stand in the valley and I stoop to look at the tiniest flower. I am amazed with the simplicity of that beauty and a tear escapes in reverence to the wonder of it all. I note the soft rustle of the brook as it meanders through the curves of the land. I look skyward at the beckoning of the cry of the eagle, splendid in its flight.


The sands are warm on my feet and the air is gentle and comforting with a breeze that refreshes. As I settle into the warm covering of leaves and needles of green, I feel the gentle touch of the earth welcome me to her bed. We convene in silence for a spell and as the feeling of love infiltrates every cell of my body, we are one, Gaia and I.


We sing together and we whisper of the times of healing that she and I are undergoing. She tells me she weeps for those who leave her soils and for those who are so eager to come back, though they first must undergo the clearing of the old.


She tells me that my journey on her surface is about to begin in earnest in the next phase of my life here. She speaks of the loving destiny that is to be lived and realized by all who carry my energy. She loves the choices that are being made, even though there is a decided abruptness to some of them. She tells me that though there are some choices she would change if she were able to, she must make them for the sake of her body and the bodies of all who walk on her surface.


Then she tells me of the ones who live within her contours deep within her body. She whispers of their coming forth at the time when the surface will be able to support their energies. She tells me that thy have waited long for this visit and that the grand reunion will be glorious and will reveal to the rest of humanity what has been taking place all the while that turmoil has ruled on her surface.


She whispers that when we all come together there will be a reunion that will surpass all others, for we will be coming together with ourselves. This is a grand time in the annals of earth life. When all is said and done and there is only love lived on Gaia and within her, then we will have brought together the destiny that will lead to the infinity of life in the fullness of the Light that we are.


Then I close my eyes and I fully allow the rest to come and engulf my body. I sleep in the arms of My Mother and I dream the dream of the ages. We drift into the new tomorrow, and the resonance is sweet.


Come my dears and dream with me. Take the road from the mountaintops to the valley floor and sleep in the arms of Mother Gaia. I will see you on the rainbow bridge and we will walk into the Promised Land together.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate