Wakeup Call Message
October  20, 2005


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  St. Germain 


My friends and family I come this morning with a great deal of love and courage. This courage is a reflection of what you are beaming out into the cosmos, and I bring it back to you as proof of what you are doing in this time of great triumph. The triumph is over the ideals of darkness that have been smashed, and the remnants of the power that the darkness once had are being dissolved as I speak. I am beaming this courage back to you as a tribute to your persistence in the light to give it your all and not settle for less than perfection.


I am St. Germain, and I come looking for the pat on the back that I gave you many centuries ago, and that you now give yourselves in the face of your courage. It is well to give yourself homage as recognition of what you have accomplished. It is one thing to brag and boast about ones achievements; it is quite another to acknowledge and give thanks for what you accomplish.


Long ago when these renegades took control and made their way to the ranks of the ruling elite, they did so with the authority that they claimed as their birthright. They were playing the game of duality, and in that they had equal power with the rest of you. However, there was one difference, and that was in the genetic makeup and the DNA of them and you.


Their makeup was of the duality that remained within the shadows; their DNA directed them to feed and grow from the fear, the absence of love. This was the way that they triumphed in their life. It was a battle that took them deeper and deeper into that same energy.


On the other hand, you humans were born in the light; your souls lived in the light and you came into the duality in a way that represented a fall from that light. From that point you worked to keep yourselves in that light to the degree that you remembered the light. It is your innate nature to always seek the light; the fear does not resonate with you, and therefore it provides no power whatsoever for your DNA to sustain itself. That in a nutshell is why you were operating with only two strands of your original twelve.


You have been taught this; you have learned this and awakened to the truth of this. You have been able to overcome the darkness that sought to engulf you, and in so doing your DNA is reawakening, and you will soon be able to operate within the twelve strands of your original DNA. You will be able to do more than that. There will come a time when you will be developing another strand of DNA, a thirteenth strand.


This strand will be multifaceted and within this strand there will be an unlimitedness that you have developed with this duality game that you have been playing. Through the experiences and timelines of this duality you have developed this strand that will enable you to reach unlimitedness as you never have before. You will be able to do this while in your light body, which is a certain degree of matter and is indestructible, as to your choice.


I tell you all this at this time in order for you to know that what you have accomplished has been in purpose for the time that is upon you. Part of the plan for this duality time was to grow and exponentially to be able to reach the place that is in potential for you. You have reached that potential and will therefore be able to express in that potential from this point on.


The world is your oyster, and the pearl that has been forming is now ready for reaping. With the events that are upon you now you will find that any step that you make for the light, any reason you choose to bear the truth to your fellow human is a step toward realizing that ability toward the ultimate in expression. With the news events that will be coming forward, you can find the transition from chaos to calm peacefulness to be everlasting and complete.


As you go among the people and utter your words that calm and sooth you will find that the people are receptive for they too have been feeling a disquieting, though they knew not what it came from, in many cases. They felt a rumbling in their souls and hearts, yet attributed it to the world events, as they related them to their lives. They knew not of the measures that were talking place within their fields that would prepare them for their own awakening.


Remember when you were on the verge of your awakening? Remember how your world had changed, and how it took some doing to come to terms with it? This is in a way what is taking place with the ones who will be asking for words to make sense of all this. For some the sense will not come right away, for they are working through the karmic energies that have found them in the space they are in at this time. Hold them in your light and love, and allow them their journey to the truth of their own being. One day, they will come to you and will encircle you with the light in their eyes and the love in their hearts, for they will have remembered who they are.


As you go about your next days, weeks, months you will see a new way of being, and of thinking unfold before your eyes. You will know that there is a New Golden Age being formed as you speak your truth. Your heart and soul will lighten, and your step will bespeak your inner knowing. The events of the next few days will glow in your remembrance for the gift that has been given to all of mankind. You will smile and be at peace.


Today we have another step taking place in this grand sequence of the fulfillment of the judicial process. We will see the unfoldment of the ages of tyranny collapse and fall. We will see the age-old marks of success change and become a new gauge for success. We will see how the old ways no longer gel, no longer work. We will see the beginning of the return to a galactic form of governance. We will see the brilliance in which this new way of governance is brought to the people and represented to all on earth and in the universe.


This is a momentous day, my dear family, for you are bearing witness to a universal first in the annals of the history of time and nontime. You are in fact a great part of the creation of this playout of universal justice. Relax and see the pieces present themselves and know that this is a job well done.


I leave you to your day now, and I whistle on my way to the glories of heaven. As I go, I sing and dance in your glory, and I kiss the ground you walk on, for it is Holy.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate