Wakeup Call Message
October 25, 2004




          My dear ones, I come to you this day with an armload of goods for you. I come to you with a truckload of presents, and I come to you laden with a treasure trove that cannot be depleted, for within this treasure trove is an unending supply of riches that reaches to the stars and beyond.

          Good morning my friends, I AM Sananda, and I bring you yourselves, for within each and every one of you is the treasure trove that I speak of. You are the bearer of the riches that you bring yourselves, and with those gifts come the desires and intent of your life.

          Allow me please, to show you ways to retrieve these illusionary seeming treasures. With these methods, you can simply live your life in the abundance that you so richly have planned for yourselves. There is no magic potion, no witch’s brew in this formula; there is simply a knowing that you are what you make of yourself and of your life.

          Take for instance the idea of richness; that right there for some of you is something that others have. When you change your way of regarding that very basic thought to richness being a natural way of being for you and everyone, then that changes the very frequency with which your thoughts create your reality.

          Another step for you to take is to see yourself in that situation that represents having all that you can imagine. This is a vital part of assessing that which you know you are, a person of untold wealth. This is the way of the masters, and you are masters in this life.

          “To know that you are wealth and that you are masters does not guarantee that you will have the richness of the masters,” you say. “Here I AM, knowing this because you have told us this, yet still I remain in poverty or next to it.”

          My dear ones, this is where you have closed the door to your own wealth; you have forgotten that you are richer by far than the illusion that you have created to represent your life. I now let you in on a fact that is being explored in many circles, and it is being discovered that in bits and small steps, or in leaps and bounds, the truth is coming through and exhibiting itself in the various lives of those who tune in to this truth and begin to allow the illusion to slip away into nothingness.

          The fact is that whatever you do you do it in the expression of frequency. It is a frequency that propels you through your decision making process, and through your instinctual life, and through your habitual tendencies. Considering this, then why can you not adjust those frequencies to represent the higher resonance of abundance through your thoughts?

          You have heard this before, haven’t you, and yet you still are struggling. One thing that I can tell you about that is that there is no one but yourself who can transmit the face of what you think, as your reality. When you realized that your thoughts represent those of society, then have you asked yourself what made up that collective thought that manifested as poverty?

Have you considered that all it took was one thought from one person to begin the collective thought towards the idea of lack? With that in mind, is it possible that with your one thought, you can change the whole of the societal idea of poverty and see it as being a collective of abundance? Just one thought from you, perpetuated and held pure and strong that radiates out toward the rest of society, and soon manifests itself in the life of the one who begins the changeover.

My dear ones, this is the power of your one thought. It is the whole of the universe, and the manifestation of All There Is. There is nothing more, for when the thought echoes along the grid of the whole, then it touches every receptive ear and changes the frequency to one of like resonance. With that change over, then comes a different song, and then another, till all hear and pick up the resonance and create in the same frequency of abundance.

You can be that wayshower. You can change the idea of mankind as a species of abundant people, abundant in love, truth, joy, compassion, and all that love can bring. You can bring your resonant frequency to the whole and begin the wave of prosperity that sweeps the globe in its sureness. It may not sound like much; it may sound like another vague idea that is coated with fluff and nonsense. What have you got to lose, my friends; how long does it take to change your mind and see yourself as abundantly wealthy and then to see that for your neighbor and the rest of mankind. There is no difference in numbers my friends, for All is One, therefore when you see yourself as abundant then you are seeing the whole as being abundant as well.

Isn’t this simple my friends. Perhaps you thought I was going to give you some involved formula for prosperity. Not this time, nor in the future. If sometime one gives you an exercise or two to take part in, it is because you have called for some fun, for some adventure, and some sharing. This is part of the abundance that you bring to yourself, for there are no wrong turns or misleading forks in the road. All comes back to the same place, the one of pure abundance and joy in living.

Now my friends, I shall leave you to your thoughts and the manifestation of them. You are powerful beyond words, and your thoughts represent that truth. I shall see you on the Bridge, and I shall hold you to my breast as you go about your lives of prosperity and untold richness. You are love in abundance, and your thoughts create that for you.




Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate