Wakeup Call Message
October 19, 2004




          My dear ones, this is a time to count your treasures and see what of them you can let go of. What it is that you are holding on to for a rainy day, or because you might use it again some day down the line? What pleasure does it give you now sitting in your closet or lost in a pile of clothes that are far too small or big for you now?

          When you do your fall housecleaning, how far do you go into your attic, and how thoroughly do you relieve yourself of the burden of forgetfulness and the treasures of the hidden boxes that line the cellar walls?

          This is not only a time of housecleaning but of repair. Where is that broken record that with a little glue and sustenance will be as good as new? What did you do with that doll that lost an arm and can be mended with a little patience and a whole lot of love? Where will you find the lost pair of slippers that one day again will warm your feet when the hole is patched?

          My dear ones, I Sananda am leading you through a day of retrieving old memories from your closets of dust and cobwebs. I AM here today to advise you in the chore, and to assist you to find the strength to fill a waste basket with the relics of days gone by, and then to dust the cobwebs from the items that you feel may just have further use in your life.

          How often have you laid a treasured item away because it has gotten a chip in it and you cannot bear to part with it, because of the memories associated with it? My dear ones, please allow me to explain something about the chip in that treasured figurine. When the figurine was brand new it was perfect in your eyes. It came from the store, or from the gift package in perfect condition and the feeling it gave you was of appreciation of its beauty. Now you have found its beauty marred, and so it is hidden in a closet with only dust to adore it.

          What shall you do if I tell you that before you received it, it was already destined for the closet shelf? What if I tell you that when you received it, it had already found itself to have that chip, that the destiny of it was to have that part of it fall away? That chip was already in potential, for it was a weakness in its structure the minute if left the hands of the one who created it.

          My dear, are you getting the picture here? When we gather to our bosom the treasures in our lives, we do so knowing that nothing is forever, yet we gather and collect for we love the beauty around us. We know that someday the purpose that the item served will no longer exist, for it is going on to another fate, and so are we.

          So we gather and then we do not let go. We want to save the treasure to our chest and not let go of its memory. We wanted to give it another place in our home, rather than cast it out, for to cast it out would be to turn our backs on it in dishonor.

          No, you say. I would not dishonor that, for to do that would be to dishonor my choice and my love of beauty. I would not want to be cast aside again like an old piece of pottery that had achieved a chip on it. I am not going to allow God to cast me out any more, and while I still have some amount of beauty I am going to remain in God’s world and be His object of affection.

          Is this what you feel when you cast out a piece of china that is broken? Do you feel that you are that plate in some remote far off way? Are you identifying with that plate and feel the loss, the rejection from the One who loved you?

          Look at this possibility. Is this why you collect and cannot throw away? Are you feeling less than perfect because you are out of heaven and in the closet, forgotten and discarded like some old relic?

          I would like to let you in on a little secret that is really no secret. You never left the eyes and the heart of God. You were never put in the closet, or forgotten in the attic. You were never put in a box and stored with all the other relics in the basement to forever live in the dark.

          You did that yourselves, my dear ones. You put yourselves in those places, and now you are finding that you are waking up and are feeling that loss of home. You are homesick, and now you want to return, so you are aware even more intensely of where you are and why you are there. Now you know that you do not belong in a place away from God, and you want to be retrieved.

          You can do that my dear ones. You can find your way home just by staying right where you are and opening yourselves up to the light. You will find that through your intent you will be able to see the love in your Father’s eyes and the joy in His embrace. You will know that your Mother is in love with you, and that there is nothing in this world you can do to cause your Parents to ever cast you out.

          So when you open your closets and retrieve the relics that are broken or less perfect than when they were new, think of your own beauty, and how you are never going to be in the closet again. Know that the decision you made to put yourself there was a game, a game that you and all your friends made to chase away the vagaries of time.

Know that no matter what you do with those old relics you are always in the hearts of your Father and Mother. Know that when you cast aside these things that have served you to remind you of who you are, you are not casting away the essence of you. You are making way for the new perfect you to shine forth forever and ever in the eyes and hearts of the Father and Mother and all of the family of God.

          I come to you now and offer you a sign. This sign reads;


“Take any of these treasures and see them as Holy,

For they are reminders of love.

I give of them freely and know that some day,

They’ll represent all that’s above.

In highness and lowness it is all the same

And never to part it is said

That we will all wander and come home together

And know that our savior has said

That God is our Father and Earth is our Mother

And till the day that we come home

For reunion and sharing in the bounty we’ll carry

The load with them all to the shed.


          Blessings to you this day, and happy housecleaning.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate