Wakeup Call Message
October 04, 2004




          My dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you this morning with a message of great import. I come to you to inform you of a decision that was made by you and this was carried out and initiated by the 144,000 of you who came to the ships in the night skies and cast you vote for what I AM about to tell you. I will tell you up front that the vote was carried forth unanimously.

          Once long ago there was a group of people who stood by their counterparts in the halls of justice and signaled the end of the rule of tyranny that had over come their lives. They said to themselves and each other, “No more! I will not abhor this kind of treatment any longer. I take back my sovereignty for now and forevermore.”

          This same group of people have stood up on the ships and put their signature to the ballots that represent the freedom of the intervention of their family of the cosmos to come and do what must be done in order for the tyranny of their people to stop, once and for all. This has come forth in an edict that states thusly: “We the people of the original Ship of the New Jerusalem do state and affirm that there is complete and total freedom for our family of the cosmos to come to earth in any manner deemed necessary to assist us to the outcome of bringing peace to the land, joy to the hearts, and love to the words on every tongue and in every heart on the planet.”

          “To that end, we will see a flotilla of ships come and deploy the necessary ones to the surface of the earth, and we will also see the ones who are standing in readiness from the earth’s interior come forth and join us in this endeavor. We shall strive forth in a peaceful manner to this goal, and we shall see it happen in the next days and weeks. We do declare that this is the ultimate intent of the 144,000 who represent the ascension and completion of this phase of the freedom of the people of earth from the darkness that has been overshadowing the light. We do declare that we are seeing the receding of that shadow and the re-emergence of the light into full measure for now and for evermore. By this signature and this affirmation of intent, I do declare that it is so and so it is.”

          My dear ones, I stand with all of you, and I at this moment lift my arms and my eyes to assist you to remove the cross from your backs to allow you the freedom of movement to the ultimate goal of your brother and sisterhood. No longer will you have to grovel in the mud that is created from the tears shed in the name of power. No longer will you be the one to bear the burden of those who would see themselves as the power over all. Now you are free to see that the shadows are gone, and that this reveals to those who have been laboring in the darkness for these millennia that they are freed from this self-imposed bondage. In doing so, this releases all of you, for you are One in Truth and Light.

          I once said to you that everything I can do, you can do, and more. This, my friends is the “more” that I spoke of. When I walked with the cross on my back, I knew that I had volunteered for this burden. I also knew that one day I would walk again on earth in all of you. This is that time, my dear ones, and in that journey we are seeing the crosses fall along the way. As they are touching the earth, they are being transformed into gold dust that in turn swirls up in the winds of change and unites all of the beautiful souls into a Divine Golden Light that shines forth its brilliance into the heavens and back into the hearts of All.

          My dear ones, many of you are aware this morning of a change that took place during the night. Some of you were told before retiring to your sleep that you would be on a special mission in the night. Some of you knew when you awoke that things were different. Now you all know; you feel the difference, and you come to me with your love and I hold you in my arms, for some of you hold some trepidation for a moment because of what you have decided upon.

          I say to you, as I whisper in your ears of my love, that there is nothing to fear, for you have stood in your power and you have joined with your loved ones around the globe and declared that you are a free being. You have visited the memory of that other time when you declared your sovereignty, and now you have brought time to the present moment.

          Now you feel in your hearts the love for the ones who have hidden in their own fear these millennia. Now you have released them to step forth into the light and embrace you as I now embrace you. Now you are loving them, as they will surely remember that they love you. Now peace is here, and the return to love and Light is in the works.

          Enki, St Germain, Ha-tonn and I were there with you last night as you affixed your signature to the document. Many others were there as in each of the ships around the earth you represented those who live on the earth and affirmed that you are ready for the next phase, the one that brings the Light fully to your lives.

          Tears of joy were aplenty as the pens wrote their freedom. Hugs and kisses embellished the proceedings, as we all gathered for this momentous occasion. I invite each and every one of you to extend that celebration forth into your day, and know that it is a brand new time for all of you. Take that feeling of celebration to every thing that you do today, and in the days to come, for it will serve you well in the times to come.

          I go now and join those who await my bidding. It is a glorious time for us now, for we have asked and you have responded. It is now open for us to come to our family and join you in your intent to bring forth the ringing bells and sing the praises of the Creator in each and every one of you. Blessings are here, and we are seeing heaven on earth. Salu!!!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate


Hi Everyone,

       I just want to say that when I awoke this morning, I most definitely felt a difference. I felt a sober joy, which sounds like a dichotomy, but which I’m sure most of you will understand, for you feel it too. As I lay waiting the time to rise and write this, I knew that at the moment that it was written, everyone would “know” it. It was that because we are all One, we would all share in the moment of truth at the same time; it would be that time was condensed into that one moment which would transcend all day, and into infinity. Thank you for being a part of this with me, for I love you all.