Wakeup Call Message
October 26, 2004


 St Germain 


          This morning is one of contemplation and getting to the heart of the matters here on earth that are pressing in on everyone. Good morning, I AM St Germain, and I come to you this day with a message that may appease some of your worries and soothe some of your concerns.

          There is a movement underway on this globe that is taking all of the little idiosyncrasies that have spread far and wide and bringing them out into the light where they may be addressed and taken care of. There is a deep representation of the troubles that are prevalent in the hearts of many within this occurrences, and in that fact lies the further fact that there is a major cleansing taking place all around the world.

          There is no escaping the great and powerful effect that the energies of change are bringing about. Evidence of that change is being seen everywhere. Instances of this are being revealed in many circles, and things that have before now been hidden from the public are being exposed and brought to justice, and the love that graces all things is being exhibited in a great sweeping arc across the land.

          No more will the areas of hidden atrocities be kept under lock and key. No more will the unspoken remain under wraps. Now is the time when the great purging is taking place, and the corners of the globe are being filled with the light of truth. Great numbers of earth angels are sweeping over the land and eradicating the instances of abuse of power from the people and the children of the land. In great numbers, deeds are being called to justice, and the truth of the separation idea is being brought forward for scrutiny and cleansing.

          This is a time of truth my dear ones, and even though some may find that the truth is a bit hard to bear, bear it you must, for you are being shown the cobwebs and the shadows of the life in duality. You are seeing the way of the separation idea, and the revulsion of the energies of change for a planet under siege by it’s own idea of separation.

          When the dust clears and all is out in the open, then you will also be able to see the clear light of day and the purity of the love that has prevailed throughout this whole time on earth. You will then heave a great sigh of relief and you will fall to your knees in the gratitude that propels you to old habits. You will then kiss the ground of the beloved Mother Gaia and realize that she has been your savior and your friend.

          Then you will arise and see that your other true friend is right there within, and beside you. You will shake the hand of your neighbor and you will embrace your former enemy, for you will recognize that there are no enemies in the World of the Supreme Creator. You will see that you are home, and that you have created this heaven on earth. The truth of all that went before will be seen for what it was, and then you will know that you are in exactly the place that you intended, and it will be grand.

          My dear ones, I encourage you to pick up the broken pieces of this world and lay them side by side. See the unitedness of their structure and their color. See how well they fit together when you arrange them in the synchronistic pattern that is perfection. See that you are doing that re-positioning, and that you have the innate wisdom to do that. See that all is one, and even the pieces that represent the hidden sorrows and atrocities are part of the whole.

          Then see the sun shining forth over all, and the truth of heaven speaks its welcome, and the lullaby of the angels sings you to sleep once more for the final goodbye to the shadows that once prevailed. In that final sleep of the ages, say goodbye to the wondrous affairs of man that brought you to this point, and kiss the tears from your neighbor’s face.

          Then sing loud and clear my dear ones for your eyes are wide open and they are shining forth the truth of the times. For it is grand and it is glorious; and it is heaven on earth, just as you had planned for it to be.

Go now my dear sweet ones into this day, and see behind the shadows all the light that is always there for your eyes to see. Feel the love that emanates forth, and see that it is clear and shining for all to see.

          I leave this now, and I see your light, bright and beautiful. I bend at my waist and I see you as perfection.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate