Wakeup Call Message
October 18, 2004


 St Germain 


          My dear ones, there has come a time in the history of earth when there is no more time to straddle the fence. There is no more time to use your defenses to accomplish that which is in your face. It is time now for you to stand and be counted for what you know is a good thing for yourself and for your planet.

          Good morning, I AM St Germain, and I sing to you a song of plenty and of might, for it is in the cards today to go forward in the note of triumph and to note that there is no way to go but into the sunshine of the everlasting light of truth.

          Many moons ago there was a small child of sixteen. This child was fair of face and dark of hair, and she held herself in the Grace of God. She was a young lass for her years, and in her innocence she gave many people her love and her fairness.

          One day she came upon a swan swimming in the lake nearby. Upon the notice she gave the swan a kiss through the air and giggled her glee with its coming. As the swan drew near, she gave the feathers a pat and a smooth flourish, for she could not resist the impulse of love that she felt.

          This caused the swan to start, and upon the startlement the swan issued forth a note of purity that lessened the senses of their malice and filled the elements with the sweetness of the call. You see there were those nearby who had watched this fair child and had found her to be amusing. They had fooled with her malaise as if she were less than they. They were enraptured with her handicap and thought of her as being beneath them in spirit and intellect.

          What they did not see was that she was equal to them in spirit, and in so being was equal to her in all there is. This lead them to find that they, upon their sneers and chuckles did not then feel good about their antics, so they wished to make amends. Of course the child did not even realize that they had fooled with her. She saw them as two who were there with her and who shared Gods grace with her. She ran to their side as she saw them looking at her, and she laid her hand on theirs.

          “My dear friends, “ she began. “Do you not see that swan over there? He was so beautiful and so dear, and he sang us a note so sweet and so light that he made the angels sing. Did you not hear that? It was as if heaven opened up and responded to their call.”

          The men on the sideline were impressed indeed that this fair lass should so boldly approach the two who were indeed strangers to her. They wondered at her attitude and how she remained so safe, for there were those in the world who favored the innocent ones to supply their illness of thought.

          The child looked into their eyes and favored them with a smile that spoke to them of heaven on earth. She then spoke the words that shot forth from her eyes and sweetened the look even further. “If it weren’t for men like you and so many others, there would not be a chance to see and hear the sweetness of the swans, for what ears would there to be to hear the sweetness of the truth of love if not those who didn’t utter it themselves?”

          The men knew she spoke the truth and yet they were not ashamed. They recognized that to her they were not shameful, and only to be loved. She lived to love everything from the swan on the lake to the men who hid in the bushes with their shameful ways.

          Then they took her by the hand and led her back to the swan at the lake. They sat her down and told her a story about a man who walked the land and spread his word of love far and wide. When they were finished she laid her hand on each one of theirs and told them another story about two men who found their love on the shores of a lake and that they then walked on water and sang the tune of love over the reaches of the sea and then over the stretches of the sands of the desert.

          She told them of the many things that were taking place across the sea now and how those stretches of sand were now being tainted with blood and soiled with the hate of the ones who cried out for salvation. She told them of the times when the loved ones strode through the streets of the villages and picked up the dead and dying and loved them home in their own pools of blood.

She told them of those such as she who took time in the night to fly over the rooftops and go to those places where love washed away in the moonlight and sank into the sands of time. She told of the times when she washed the tears away from the bloodstained eyes and sang to them till their eyes closed and their love slipped away into heaven with their last breath.

          Then she told them of the man who gathered them all together and whispered his love. He told them of a new direction for them, and that they would always be rocked in the cradle of heaven, no matter what they did, for they had given their best gift to the ones left on earth. They were given a golden crown to wear as they lay in the arms of their Lord.

          This is the day of the love and the last retribution. This is the day when all good men and women come to the aid of their countrymen, for there is no country apart from another. We all gather together this day and we give homage to all those who walk the face of the earth and give of their love to the cause which is bringing them home, for it is Holy and it is Divine and it is what is termed life on this planet earth.

So go to the ends of the earth and then back and you will find in all places you go the child so fair and the swan so sweet and the men who learned something about love in that day of truth.

          I go now and find the love that waits around every moment, for there is so much that is waiting to be seen and heard on these last days of duality, and so much to be thankful for, for love does live here.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate