Wakeup Call Message
October 11, 2004


  St Germain 


          My dear ones, there is a matter of import that I would like to discuss with you at this time. When you arose this morning you did so with the feeling that there was something brewing, did you not, most of you? Well, let me tell you that this is in keeping with your newly awakening ability to tune in to us and to take your eyes out of the running for your new understanding, and allow your feeling and intuition to lead you into the truth.

          I AM St Germain, and I would like to invite you to a party. We over here in the Himalayas are giving a party to the ones who are tuning us in, and the party is grand indeed. There is much activity taking place in these mountains, and along with the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, are many other occurrences as well. The members of the Galactic Federation who have been in seclusion for the past few days have come out into the open now and are distributing their findings and plans with the others who have gathered here for their own events.

          Among them are the masters of the Galaxy who have come to distribute their reports as to the delegates that they have chosen for the First Contact on earth, in the various, strategic areas. These ones are the ones who have given of themselves in many ways and have taken their stand for the dedication of their purpose at this time.

          There is another group of beings who are convening with the hierarchy of angels who have come in celebration with the Masters and other members of the cosmic assembly, including ambassadors from all over the universe. The air here in these mountains is one of festivity and love for all of mankind and All There Is.

          From this meeting and celebration time will come the final stages of the intervention that you have called for. There is a decided air of anticipation for the coming times, for these are times when life on planet earth will be making an abrupt change, and the result will be the falling of the present tyrannical hierarchy and the emergence of the Light-bearing hierarchy of the ones who join with the lightbeings of earth in the establishment of a new governing process, and a new way of bringing exchange of goods and services to the world. This will all take its course in the days, weeks and months to come, and will provide the cornerstone for the new illuminated way of life on planet earth.

          My dear ones, as I stand here in the company of Sananda, Enki and Enlil, I represent their voices in saying to you that all of the millennia of events in the history of the world have far surpassed what was seen to take place. Within that vision in the start times was the potential for greatness. My dear ones, you have far surpassed that potential. You have come to a place in your evolutionary process where you have torn down old ideas and built new ones that are fluid and open to any changes that you project into them. This is indeed a time of triumph over the old and expected forms of evolution, and a welcoming turn of events is leading the way.

          Back then we saw that there could be a meeting of the celestial hierarchy, and that it could encompass all of Heaven. Now we see that what is taking place right now is far surpassing what could have been prophesied. It is now in the final stages of coming into being, and we are the harbingers of the news, for it is a report of your efforts and the results are tremendous.

          As I ready myself to return to the festivities and the winding down of this phase of preparations, I say to you that there is nothing like the anticipation of history being made on a universal level. You have brought us that gift, and we are eternally grateful to you, for we remember when you all said your farewells as you prepared to take your plan to this small planet in the corner of the galaxy and fall into amnesia for what seems to you to be a forever sentence.

          Rise now my dear ones and remember who you are and realize that it has been but a second in the timelessness of the universe and it will be as a grand reunion of a second ago that we meet again. We love and honor your coming and the grand events of your new awakening. God bless you each and every one, for you are the angels of earth and your glow reaches into the far corners of the universe.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate