Wakeup Call Message
October 07, 2004


St Germain 


          My dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I AM here to deliver you a short, but sweet message for the scintillation of your day. When the swallows arrive in Capistrano, they do so with a built in device that you all have. Thatís right, the device they use to bring them back is something that is contained in every living being on earth and in the All That Is. It is called by some Memory Activation Sensor. It is a part of you that is kept intact by the elevation of the frequency of your beingness whenever certain influences on your field come into being. Some of those influences are the seasonal changes, the location of yourself at any given time, the influence of other people of forms of life in their particular expression at the time, and cosmic cycles that take place on a regular synchronous basis.

          These all determine the interaction of the All There Is with each other, these and more are what make the world take on the various patterning that it does. In this way, there is a profound element of co-operation that goes beyond deliberateness and relies solely on instinct and Memory Activation Sensoring.

          Have you wondered how the repetitiveness takes place? Have you often wondered what would happen if this were disrupted? My dear ones, there is always a disruption of some sort taking place, because of the influence of the duality. However, this disruption does not stay and is righted in the course of the stillness of the memory. There is a constant return to the Way of It, and in this restoration, is the simplicity of God the Creator.

          I assure you that this is a constant. In the respect we find that it is a natural forgiveness that takes place. You could even say that it is a natural justice in which all is restored to its natural state. Even the state of affairs of a country or a community, or the whole earth is always going to Right itself, and return to its Memory Activation Sensor. That will assure that all is well with the All That Is.

          So dear ones go on with your lives and do what you can to be the harmony that is nature. This will assure that your world will be the most natural state of your being, and then that will be the same for all of you.

          Forgiveness and Justice are natural states of being, and this is the state in which you operate at topmost frequency. We love you all, and we give you yourself in memory, for that is where the love restoration is and the Justice of the universal order of All That is.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate