Wakeup Call Message
October 28, 2004




          When it is a time to go forward in your life and stand up for what you believe in, it is also time to assess what it is that you are putting your life in trust for. This is an irrevocable truth and one that will bring you through life in the grandest of ways. Good morning I am Lotar, and in my capacity as an aspect of this one, I am bringing you a message that is supported by the energies of Jupiter, the planet that is my immediate co-ordinate.

          I come to you this day with this information, for I have been watching the recent developments on earth, and I wish to intercede a bit of wisdom that has been imparted to me through the lifetimes and experience of my entirety. This is the accumulation of a vastly wide expression and I AM in the company now of the essence of Enki and his brother Enlil.

          When we first came to this planet earth, we did so with a degree of love that far superceded the amount that this one in her present status has experienced in her waking moments of the duality role that she plays. From time to time she has had a flush of that love, and this has served to keep her in the evolutionary process, as that same thing has served all of you.

          This is the kind of energy that brings to the flow of your lives the necessary development of the interplanetary frequency of experience that brings you to your own way of thinking and being in any given circumstance on earth. This is the connection that you make with the cosmos and the intelligence from which you draw the sustenance to keep moving forward in this life journey.

          You may wonder why at this time am I bringing you this information. I tell you that due to the circumstances surrounding the present events taking place on earth, there are certain patterns of energy that are being established that warrant the intercedence of the hierarchy of the cosmic frequency of the One to bleed a certain amount of the resonance of fear from your planet’s atmosphere, and transmute it into love in order for the balance to be retained. This balance must be kept at a certain level lest the planet begin to wobble at a level that would cause the demise of all who live on the surface and within.

          This is a carefully monitored condition, and in this monitoring we have discovered that there are some abnormalities beginning to develop around the poles of earth. These abnormalities are what you may call a shifting of the poles and a slippage of the influence of the magnetics of the planet. This causes the melting of the icecaps and the resultant minor elevation of the waters of the earth.

          This is not, as has been widely broadcast, going to cause major flooding and loss of large areas of land, for the displacement is minimal in its potential. What it could cause is for the earth to be resting off-center to a degree that it would have to continue its evolutionary process for a longer period of time.

          All of the actions and decisions made by those who are operating in the darkness of the light spectrum at this time are being influenced by this change, as indeed they are influencing and bringing about this change. They are like puppets pulling their own strings in this way.

          What we of the interplanetary association are doing to combat this is to adjust the energies in as much as what it is doing is affecting the rest of the cosmos. This takes the matter out of the area of earthly free will, and renders it a cosmic matter. The adjustments are being made at this moment, and soon you may experience the difference in the weather patterns once more, as you have already with the hurricanes and earthquakes that have been experienced.

          As we go about these adjustments we also see other results of our ministrations and these come about in the nature of the decisions being made by the leaders on your planet. This has come to bear n the recent preparations to invade Iran. Because of this bleeding of the negative energies, the ones who would seek to fuel their own ministrations of power, and the resultant field influences, are pulling out the stopgaps to their thirst for power, and reaching out to appease that thirst.

          In that respect, we also have an adjustment that we make, for it is partly due to our ministrations that this happens. What we do is to administer a huge amount of cosmic “juice” to the planet and in so doing release the intensity of this drain on the energy of the ones who are thirsting so. We do this through our abilities to operate in a gravity free environment, thus allowing for the un-arrested flow of appeasing frequencies to be received by those who are operating in those lower frequencies of fear.

          So now my friends we come to the resultant influence this all has on those of you who are serving the earth and your universe in a light manner. This cessation of the darkness that comes about in the mini-second of receivership of the “cosmic juice” is being felt by all of you, and in the mini-second you are making giant leaps toward your awakening. This is the natural way of it, for in your service to the light, you have agreed to receive this “booster shot”. You have fared well in this, and now you are finding that the areas in which you have been divesting of your time are filled with much more light and ease of flow than before. It is as if you have received a boost from heaven and you are sailing along on a ribbon of rainbow, is it not?

          As you see, there is much that you have yet to remember about this cosmos that is your home. There are never-ending songs of the diversity with which we all interact, and there is a cosmic balance that is maintained at all times. We are taking careful measure to assure that the balance you have called for is kept true, and in this we are monitoring round the clock, as you would say, the activities that take place in every corner and aspect of earth life.

          There is not going to be anything that will destroy the earth and her people. That has already been announced by many of us. I now reiterate that in a way that has shown you the natural energetic ways in which we can assure you of this. You are our family, and you have given us a major gift in your experience on earth through these eons, and we are so very grateful for the experience that you have undergone to give us all this profound information that works in our completeness as a cosmic body.

          I go now and welcome you to your day. I stand honored to be in such great company, and I stand by my dedication to you all and your place in this wonderful plan here on planet earth. Take yourselves into this day with a song and a prayer of joy, for you all have adorned yourselves with beautiful gossamer wings of gold and silver, and they suit you so well.


Thank you dear brother Lotar,

Love, Nancy Tate