Wakeup Call Message
October 05, 2004




          There is a great deal of controversy going on surrounding the elements of nature and the effects it has on the masses. Some think that Mother Nature is responding to the clearing out and revolting in her way. Others think that the illuminati are using their devices to control and manipulate the weather. Still others think that it is a result of the global warming, and that when the atmosphere neutralizes, then we will return to some kind of normalcy. What if I were to tell you that it is all of the above, and yet none of it?

          Good morning my friends, I AM Diaclosities, and I come to you once more, for in this particular segment of your evolution process you call me in as a wave on the beach reaches to a different level as the tide ebbs and wanes.

          Allow me to explain further. As the energy of evolution wave through the All That Is, it brings with it certain elements of integration potential. With that it also brings with it a certain amount of backward motion, for there is nothing that is not in sequence with another. That is a result of the unity of all; nothing is unaffected by what the All is affected by.

          With this in mind consider that this is a time of going to the lengths that have only been explored in previous times by the ones who are shadows of the ones now. This brings with it certain influences, and with those comes a degree of light that reveals the backward motion of the whole.

          In this backward motion is the ability to amass great things through the revelation of that motion, which could be considered memory. This memory gives one the impression that it is already gone, in the past, as you all call it. In actuality, there is no time, as we have been telling you, and in that respect, there is much to consider when understanding the aspects of timelessness and the evolutionary process.

          This is a time in our history when there is much taking place that is bringing the elements of time all together. It may not seem so to many, however when you look to the events that are taking place, do they not mimic those of your history?

          This is because it is history repeating itself, with different faces and differing details of the same events energy. It is being played out again for the purpose of perpetuating the course of history and bringing it all to a common completion. This is what evolution is my friends. It is all about bringing all of the events of manifestation to a new completion, to break the pattern that keeps the progression of time from continuing throughout eternity.

          My friends, you are in a position now to change the eventual outcome of this memory. You are already surpassing the potential that has not been explored before. This is new ground you walk on, and on that new ground you are making fresh prints in the sand.

          One of the results of that is the new dimension I spoke of a few days ago. With this new dimension there is proof that you are creating a different completion. You have decided to step outside the box and find a new way to carry on. You are in the flow of creating a new potential outcome.

          With the weather taking itís path at this time, it is as a result of all this repatterning. There are certain ways that you all respond to these changes, and earth has her way. She could not take the measures she is taking without the influence of the ones who would seek to carry on their part in this process. Without the specified ingredients to this mixture, there would not be the expected results.

          So you see my friends, there is something taking place here that requires all of the intent energy to come together and take the steps that will bring this to the intended completion. When I use the word completion, I do so with the idea that it is but one of the phases and expressions of The Source Creator, and in that expression there is an expected flow of experience, which evolves into another and another throughout eternity.

          The earth changes that are taking place are but one aspect of this evolutionary time. As we progress into this phase more, you will see that with that progression there are many who will be given the go ahead to take their plan to the limit and then surpass it, for it is all part of the plan. Without the individual expressions of this phase, there would be a falling back into the old paradigm, and we would be readying ourselves for the same old go-round.

          What you did in the past few days is to submit your intent to the forward moving of this new paradigm, and declared that you will forevermore bring your intent into the creation of the new age. In doing this you agreed to the events that must be played out in order for this to occur.

          I would like to re-assure you that there is no extinction in this plan. Mankind shall and is surely a forever species, just as is All That Is. You will surpass all previous time for you have already gone beyond the backward wave idea. You have taken the plunge and declared it yours. You have committed to the idea that you are headed for total unity and that you will achieve it while on earth. That means that rather than just an idea it is now a reality. It is just a matter of playing it out and living it, in whatever fashion that deems it a part of the whole experience.

          Every one of you has agreed to play your part, and in this you are seeing the result in the weather occurrences and earth changes, as well as the events of mankind where it would seem that all plugs have been pulled and all rules put aside. What you are living now is the fullness of the possibilities that can be thought, and it is a challenge to all of you.

          My suggestion to you is to hold tight in the light and know that when the dust settles you will all be standing in your light loving one another and embracing All That Is. I will hold your hands and whisper of the days when it all started, this new change. We will reminisce and remind each other of the promises we made back when it was dark. We will love the light where we are and know that we have created a new paradigm in which we can live and create in perfection throughout eternity.

          This is our new gift to ourselves and All That Is. We are blessed for it, and in love we do prevail. Take this to your heart and know that it is the strength that will take you through the times ahead, for you are the strength and the bearers of the gifts.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Love, Nancy Tate