Wakeup Call Message
October 15, 2004





          There is a time in everyone’s life when one has to stand up for what one believes in, and this is one of those times. Good morning, I AM Avenda once more, and I would like to present a proposal to you all. This is a proposal that speaks millions for all of you out there who haven’t a care, or who seem to have not a care, or who know you do.

          Once you go to the truth deep within you find that there is a situation brewing there that bears looking at. This truth is one of pledging oneself to a cause that gives you a sense of freedom and a sense of loyalty to not only your own sovereignty, but to that of each of your fellow citizens of the universe as well.

          The cause I speak of is to bring as much truth to bear in your life as you can find in any given moment. With this dedication to truth, you will find that in exploring the ramifications of that truth in expression, you determine what it is that keeps you going in any given day.

          I present to you an example: if there is a person who comes to you and asks you to do him a favor, do you immediately refuse and feel that you are too overwhelmed with your own life to even think about tending to someone else? Or do you take a moment and look this person in the eye and recognize yourself there. If you do, then you have no recourse, even no desire other than to accommodate him if you can.

          What I am talking about is the matter of recognizing a truth when you look it in the eye. What I refer to is the absolute accomplishment of being in your truth every moment of your life. This is not a difficult thing to do, for it is your very nature, to live your truth completely and without reserve.

          Now-a-days with the onslaught of public opinion supporting the deception that is brought forward through all the means of communication, there is little need for the honesty of truth, or so it would seem. However, this cannot be further from the truth. So you think the world is operating on a premise of hidden agendas and untold lies? My dear ones, look around and see what your world looks like.

          I hear you all now, “What is she saying and what is this from a being who lives in the light? Why is she presenting this kind of message to us. It is not something that we don’t already know, and hear enough of, frankly.”

          My dear friends, this is my premise and the position on which I stand. When two or more are gathered in the name of the most Holy Source of All, they come together in order to celebrate the truth of what they are taught. They come together and celebrate the ministerings of other men and other women. They come and they worship the mystical God who lives in Heaven and shines his light down upon us all.

          My dear ones, I AM here to say that the truth I see is that this wonderful Holy Presence of the Truth is with us all, even in these days of strife and untold horror. The Holy Presence is with the one who pulls the trigger fifty nine times and then turns it on himself. This Holy Presence is with the mother who mourns her son’s early demise because he didn’t even have a chance to live the life that he so valiantly fought and lost his life for.

          This Holy Presence is also with the ones who light and hold a candle for the ones who come home sick at heart and full of sorrow for the friend who lost his life by taking a bullet that was meant for him. This Holy Presence is also with the candidate who stands before the people and tells them what he thinks they want to know, but if the truth be known he would hear those people plead with him, “No more War!”

          This Holy Presence is with you as you sit at your coffee table and read through the daily newspaper and find yet another casualty in this game of life. It is with you as you meander down the street and narrowly escape the wild careening car with a person who can’t even see because he is so strung out on the chemicals of the day.

          This Holy Presence is with you as well, when you cuddle next to your newborn babe and sing him a lullaby to soothe him to sleep. It is with you as you try to bring the dog in from the cold and discover that he has become tangled in the lead that he is attached to, so you lovingly untangle him and hug him as he bounds into the room full of vigor for he loves you so…you gave him his freedom.

          This Holy Presence is with each and every one of you as you lay down your heads to sleep and whisper thank you for a day well spent. It is with you as you arise and watch as the sun peeks above the horizon and colors the early morning sky with its light. It is with you as you lean toward the rose to appreciate the fragrance and the beauty without coming near the thorns.

          My dear ones, have I painted a realistic picture here? Have I presented a picture that speaks of the justice of mankind? Do you understand where I AM coming from when I say that the only truth is the one that you feel and experience with that love that flows forth from your heart and eyes?

          If so, then I have read you all with a heart that shares my love and devotion to you, for I see that the world around you is perfect, for the Holy Presence is in everything and everywhere there is a particle of beingness. There is no other truth to me than to know that I AM a part of the whole, and there is no more or less than that.

          With these words I shall pull in my reigns and soothe the furrowed brow of the steed who brought me this far, for he is mighty and she is solid and I love the way she carries herself over the plains and mountains of my youth. This is a sojourn that leaves nothing, yet everything to the imagination, and I have just given you an example of what you can do when you go to your truth and allow the flow of the words to blanket your forgiveness and render it Holy.

          I love you all and my blessings go to each and everyone in this Game of Truth.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate