Wakeup Call Message
October 14, 2004




          My dear ones, I AM Avenda, and I come to you this day with a message of love and understanding. This is a message that speaks volumes about how we interpret the feelings of others; it tells of the nuances of truth that can be misconstrued and taken for another truth.

          This is a time my friends when lots of times there is a misunderstanding of the words that have been conveyed, therefore the topic is often taken for another. This is the miscommunication that takes place in these times of shifting energies, and therefore one would be at an advantage to keep the lines of communication open.

          In these times of worldwide strife, there is great opportunity for misunderstanding. With the truth of the event presenting itself there can be several ways in which it is met by those who are either directly involved, or those who are on the sidelines observing.

          This can bring to it the opposite meaning of what the event really means. This can show a different slant to the event and render it different from what the original energy of it involved, therefore changing the result of it. This is how mis- agreements are born. This is how some wars are started, for there is a mis-charge of the truth of the situation.

          This can take place because of the information a person receives and how he interprets it. This is according to the emotional history that he has around this same information energy. In this day of living in the moment there is an opportunity for all this old baggage to come to the front to be noticed. This is the time when all the old stuff can be seen in a different light, and moved on out as pure light.

          My dear ones, when you take the events of the day, and you present them for consideration, it would behoove you to address them with the energy of the moment. Is this really as it seems, or are past memories of this same kind of thing bringing a different interpretation? Take a moment and allow yourself to see what it really is saying. Is it telling you the old stuff, or is it giving you the opportunity to see it a different way?

          Are you really feeling what you feel you’re feeling, or is it just a reaction to the old feelings that were never resolved? Have you taken the time to talk with whomever is there bringing the feelings, or are you just brushing it off as something to deal with later, or that will clear itself up in time? My dear ones, this has been what has caused this old energy to still be there influencing you today.

          I once knew a person who operated so much from his reflex memory that he completely ran his life in the energy of the past. He could not see that the opportunities that were presented were a chance to take the needle off the record, and hear the message in the silence, the message that said, “Wait, do you hear a different tune; do you realize that this is a different song that is coming your way?”

          When this new tune comes your way, it comes in the present moment. It sings its message loud and clear, if you were to just hear it above the clamor of the old memory recording. You may just be surprised at the message.

          This my dear ones is called discernment of the moment. It is a chance to see whether this event is one that is presenting you a chance to see it differently, or is indeed a repeat of the old energy, for this can work both ways. Yes, it can be that the impetus that brought this to you was sprouted from an old memory of emotional charge, and that it has come for you to see and respond to.

          In that case it is now an opportunity for you to see this as a brand new thing. In that you can see it in a different way, therefore changing the charge. Now we have come round to the same basic thing have we not? This is still an opportunity to see it a different way and respond, rather than jump into reaction.

          The truth is always there for you to see. No matter how it presents itself, there is an opportunity to use discernment to bring the truth of the moment into your vision and understanding. Living your life in the truth of the moment is the way to bring contentment and joy into it. It is the way to find the truth that lies within, and to draw the truth out of every person and any moment that you experience.

          Take this moment to consider what has been presented here, and see it in the light of what it is presenting to you as truth. In these times of living your truth you will find that less and less will these results of your actions and thoughts of the moment be able to be swept under a rug and disregarded as not important or relevant to now. You will see what each moment brings by tuning in to the feelings and seeing how they match with the event.

          I go now and leave you to your moment of truth. It is up to you how you live it and carry it forward with you through life. Will you see it as brand new and therefore pliable, or will you only see it for the moment it brought you yesterday? This is one of the secrets to the life that you will be living in the moments of tomorrow, for how you interpret this moment determines how tomorrow looks.

          Take yourself into this brand new day, and make it magical. We are in your embrace, and we love it. We take this moment and play with it in the love with which it is presented. Have fun with this day, and remember you are dearly loved.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate