Wakeup Call Message
October 04, 2004


Transcribed Message received on Oct 03 evening from Hatonn and Sananda: Oct 04,04


My dear ones, I look down upon you as stare up at the heavens. Itís so good to see you; you look so bright from up here. Thatís right, I can see you from this distance.


When you first came to earth you were at one time at this vantage looking down upon Earth for you were in a spacecraft. As you approached earth you did so with a great deal of anticipation. You knew your journey was to be one of varied intensity, and still you looked forward to making this journey.


Now my dear ones you are at the threshold of the ending of this phase of the journey and the beginning of another. You have one step on the threshold and the other in the air ready to step into the new phase, the phase of the Golden age.


I AM Ha-tonn. Enki stands beside me as well as does Sananda. Weíve gathered together this night, and we make connection with our brother, St. Germain who at this time is on earth. He brings his energy to certain people, for they are requesting his presence. There is much to be accomplished in these next days and that is his purpose on earth at this time


Your friend, received a message from Sananda, and this is indeed the purpose of St. Germainís presence on earth at this time. However he cannot assume that role without the express permission and acceptance and invitation of all of you, all of you who make up 144,000 voices that allow for the coming in of your family from out here in the cosmos. 144,000 voices will ring across the world inviting this in.


Now, I give you Sananda.


My dear ones when you lay your body down tonight for sleep, there will be very few moments, and you be up here on the ship with me tonight both of you. There is work to be done and there have been many, many nights in which weíve stood together here and plotted the course. Tonight there is an important decision to make, and though you may not recall that issue as you stand there recording this, it is well within your psyche, it is well in your mind that is of the whole, and you have made your decision on how to cast your vote.


 Tonight will be history made, for tonight is a decisive turn of events, and with all of you in the various positions in the very ships around the world who take your night time to come and work with us we say adieu until the morn.  When you awaken and do your Wake up Call you will have a message for the people. This will be a message that will speak of an energy of the work that we have done this evening. I go now to my tasks.