Wakeup Call Message
October 27, 2004


 Archangel Michael


          My dear ones, come to me in your times of sorrow. Come to me in your times of joy. Come to me in your times of lacking. Come to me when you know abundance. Come to me when you think you’ve finished. Come to me when you know you’re not. Come to me when you ask for guidance. Come to me and I’ll show you what you already know.

          How often have you entrusted a friend with your darkest deepest secrets only to find that they’ve been scattered to the wind? How many times have you found a dear sweet sparrow and chased away the creature that would devour it? How many times have you cast caution to the wind, and then found it to come back to you again with a miracle cast on its wings?

          This is the game of life, my dear ones, and though I, Archangel Michael have longed to see you back here in heaven wearing your wings of gossamer gold, I have known that your path has taken you far away while never leaving the fireside of The Creator.

          You are home as always in the love that I carry for you. You are home in the compassion that the assembly of angels on high carries for you through all that you endure. We are your brothers and sisters, and through all that you create for yourselves you do feel our love for you, and you do hear our song as the tinkle of the bells in the wee hours of morn.

          You are our wonders to behold, and we carry your message to the stars. We grab onto the tears that you shed, and we cast them to the winds of change, as you look upward and smile your beautiful smile. You feel our coming when we rest our bodies in your arms. You feel the love as it emanates from our hearts to yours. We soften the blow of rejection as you flee from the cloud that engulfs you. We watch as the cloud dissipates and leaves you once again bathed in the glow of your Parents love.

          Take these truths to your bosom and know that they are with you always. Know that in the light of day or the dark of night, there is always a beam of radiance shining forth from your very essence. You are our beacon, for without you our purpose would falter and fade into another. You give us the hope for a brand new day, for we see what we are not and we see that you are what we promise for you.

          Once upon a time long, long ago there was a kingdom, and it was full of bright shining stars. Within this kingdom a few chosen ones took flight with a promise to play away from the stars of home and send back a message of love. Within this message there would be many diversions and much chaos. This was to be the example of what we were not, and you have played this so very well.

          Now it is time for all of those ones of that kingdom to return and lay down your burdens. The Light of home is shining brightly, and we have left the door open and beckoning for your return. We are watching your journey, and speeding you on your way back to our loving arms. The adventure is ongoing, and we are ready for the picture to begin of the mighty return of the wayfarers and the promise of fulfillment.

          Rest now, for the trip has been weary. Gather your strength for this last step to the promise of home. Upon that return is the bundle of miracles that is even now being opened and disbursed to all of you. It is the final hour and you are in your finest performance. We wipe the tears of love and joy from our eyes to see all the better your shining faces and the love and recognition that you are on the last stretch to the gates of heaven, where you will find many joyful surprises.

          Come and go with us to the love of the Creator and wash away the troubles of the never-ending song.


Thank you dear Archangel Michael,

Love, Nancy Tate