November 15, 2018                


Hi Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything from me, but today I have some news about the dog that almost came into our life to stay. I found that it brought to me more of what is taking place in many people’s lives these days; measures of karmic issues and the resolution of them to prepare us for our new return to who we truly are. Here is today’s Wake up Call.


Wake up Call: Nancy, November 15, 2018


Since our beloved dog, Cassie died on April 15, we’ve known that some day she would come back in another wonderful dog. Then on the evening of Thursday, November 08 I got a clear message from her soul, which told me that we should look for a dog we want and then she would go into it on her soul level. That is because the karma of that soul is completely clear and it is time for the dog’s soul to have that wonderful, peaceful, loving energy in the new dog in our lives.


The next day Bob found on the bulletin board at the post office a post that told of a border collie in Tucson that was for sale. We love that breed of dog, so we answered the post, and went to see about it this past Saturday, Nov. 10. The dog was so cute; he had a brother, who was also for sale, and mother and father; he lived with them, and there were 3 or 4 other dogs at the home. There were also some sheep, because the wonderful woman who had the dogs was also a sheep breeder. So the dog that we were interested in, whose name is Jim, was the one of the two that were for sale and he was more docile than the other. So Jim is the one whom we bought and brought home.


On the 1+1/2 hour ride home I sat with Jim in the back seat. I could tell he was feeling a bit upset, because he was drooling on me, and after awhile he threw up the treats we all had given him before leaving. I felt so bad for him; I hugged him and talked with him softly and lovingly. I also decided that I wanted to call him Jimmie, rather than just Jim, because he was only about 10 months old.


After we got home, around 4:00, we took him through the yard to show it to him and to see if he needed to release anything else from his body, which he didn’t. Then we took him in and quickly showed him the rooms downstairs to show him his new home, then settled him on a doggie sleep pad covered with a blanket. He was so quiet and seemed so in disarray we wanted him to feel at ease. We fed him some of the new food we’d gotten for him, and he certainly ate plenty of it. Then after a little while he went to the door, and so Bob took him back out on his leash to see if he needed to release anything. Soon after he was walking around, he squatted and released, so that was good. After walking him a little more Bob brought him back in, and he laid on the doggie pad, and was very quiet for some time. That gave us time to check our email, etc, as well as check back on him occasionally.


After a little while, we decided to check and see if he wanted to go back out. I thought of opening the doggy door we had closed after Cassie died, and when I took Jimmie to it, he ran right through it and went straight for the drive-through gate that was closed. We couldn’t believe that he’d be able to do it, but he was able to get through the closure where the two gates were locked together. I’d say it was his determination to get out to find his way back home.  We ran through the gate after opening it, and saw him turn on to the street at the end of the alley that the gate opened onto. I couldn’t believe how quickly he disappeared! He got to the end of the street where the Wagon Wheel restaurant is, and turned to the right onto the main road, and a few moments later when I got there, he was nowhere to be seen. He had his leash hanging from him, and we had hoped that he wouldn’t get caught somewhere out in the trees where he wouldn’t be seen. We both searched for him, and then hurried back to the car to drive in the direction he might have gone, but still no sign of him.


So we went to the Marshall’s office and told him what had happened. He told us that he would call the dog patrol woman in town, etc. So we went back home, and I called the woman who has a newsletter that she sends out online to the people in the area who have subscribed to it, and she posted it. We were so upset, but also we knew that he would be back. We felt so strongly that he was missing his family so much, that we needed to take him back there, after he is found. I called the woman we had got him from, and told her we would return him back home to where he wants to be.


At about 7:00 we got a call from the Marshall. They found him right up near the Wagon Wheel restaurant where I had seen him last. Evidently he had gone into the trees there, or run across the park and back, or something that kept us from seeing him. We hurried over to the Marshall’s office and there Jim was hiding under a chair, trembling. Bob picked him up and I helped him get Jim into the car. When we got home, we called those we had spoken to and let them know he was back home and alright. When we called the woman we’d gotten him from we told her that we would be returning him back to his family, whom we knew he missed so much.


There was a part of me that was feeling so sorry because I truly loved him. But I also knew that he wanted to be back with his family, because they were all he knew and trusted, etc. I felt that because of how it all happened that it was the right thing to do.  So after awhile I was watching some of our music concert videos on our sound system. After some of the words in a song affected me, I felt that it was a confirmation of our decision to return him to his home, so I shared that with Bob.


Then after a little while, back with the music, suddenly I remembered about the time in my first marriage, back in the late 60’s my husband, our 2 young daughters and I were on our way into the car to move from our home in Massachusetts to the new home we’d be moving into in Illinois. It was due to a new job that my husband had gotten. As soon as he started the car and began to leave the driveway, I suddenly remembered our dog and shouted, “Where’s Jimmy?” He said, “Oh, don’t worry about him, the neighbors will take care of him.” I couldn’t believe it, but I could not convince him that we had to go back and get him. I also didn’t believe that I had the power to do that. I never got over that completely.


As soon as that remembrance came to me I realized that this was the karmic issue that I had with dogs, and that it was about to be cleared. That was why I felt so strongly about returning Jim back to his home and family. I could see it as the return that had not been done those years ago, and now it will be done. I also knew that was why I immediately decided to call this new dog Jimmie instead of Jim. My heart lifted, and tears washed away the debris within my heart. I knew that when the time comes for the new dog in our lives, it will be with the clarity of what Cassie’s soul had told me a few days ago. I shared with Bob what I had realized and he agreed with me, that we would be making the right return of Jim to his home and family in the morning. We made the trip with him back to his home and family on November 11, 2018. Isn’t it interesting that it was Veterans Day! I just realized that!


The mission is complete. Love to you dear Jim, and all of you dogs who exist here on our planet earth and beyond.


Love to you all from Bob and me,

Nancy Tate