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Wake up Call: Nancy, November 13, 2016


Morning Dear Friends,


I awoke this morning to words from a friend in my email that stirred something within me. Here below is what I wrote back.

I can understand why you have been feeling they way you have. I have been too. I woke up this morning wondering why I am still here on earth, finding nothing new that I love to do, and just doing what I have been doing for so many years. Nothing new, nothing that anyone else has brought to my doorstep. I also know that I have to find something more that I love doing and do it without asking anyone else for help. If others will be involved, that is wonderful, for they are all part of our family. But I have to stop relying on others to make my life enjoyable. If I like doing what I do, then I can create it in a way that suits me. In that way, it could stir others to join me, or at least appreciate what I am doing.

I don't have to rely on others to tell me when the time is right, what path to take down the road of life, wait for others to tell me what is in the works; any of that. I have to live my life the way I want to, in harmony with others. In other words, be a part of the life on earth, without dragging myself into something that I have not created, but decide to do because someone else is doing it. Do it because I love it, it is my passion. Whatever it takes to tell myself that I love my life, it is the perfect thing for me. Even if it means walking away from what is not in resonance with me. I also feel that if I do what I love to do, it can be in resonance with anyone else in my life, as long as it doesn't interfere with what they love to do.

That's what life is all about, to live in harmony and not expect or count on others to tell me what to do, or how to live my life. How many people over the centuries have created their lives in a way that was successful, and had no hardship that kept them from creating their lives in a way that was to their liking? There have been many, because they knew that they were the only ones who completely understood what they wanted in life. They also knew that others could be in their lives in harmony as long as what they were doing was in harmony with the others who shared a home, a way of living, etc. It's all in what we know we want our lives to be involved with, and then going ahead and creating it, rather than relying on others who feel they can tell people how to make their lives successful.


Well, I guess I needed to express that, in accordance with what I've been feeling, and it seems with what you all have been feeling as well. Hope it helps, for you all are a family of love to me, Bob and of course Cassie as well. Wow, this has sure helped me to get a better start to my day. I love you all so much, and I know that you all have the power to choose what your life is to be in the way that you find to serve yourself first, and then live it in a way that serves all of humanity, even if it is to go on your own, and live it in a way that reverberates back to the rest of them in a way that stirs them to realize that we are never separate from each other within our hearts and souls.


Now that I am sending this out to you all, I realize that this is the kind of message that I was inspired to send out to you a couple days ago with the timeliness of the slideshow video that I created a few years ago, and is on my website. It contains a message that we all can relate to as to one basic reason why we are here on this beautiful planet. You can go and watch/listen to it here:

It is entitled, We Are The World

Song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

Thank you for providing the karaoke music


With Much Love,

Nancy Tate