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Wake up Call: Nancy, Nov 22, 2015


Last Night's Flash


"I'm here to help you with her." That was what the flash of energy told me the second time I saw it within a few seconds from each other, coming down the stairs. I was watching the last song of the Eric Clapton DVD of the 2013 Crossroads blues music. The flash was Toshiro, and he was speaking of Cassie, in reference to the issues a cattle dog can bring into one's life.


I immediately realized that the timing of seeing the flash told me that what the musicians were experiencing was the emergence of the music that was being shared by all in a way that gave reference to the oneness of us all, while the individuality can bring about distortion without complete love and acceptance in the issue. With the music from musicians such as BB King, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and on to today's blues singers such as Doyle Bramhall 11 and Earl Klugh I saw the oneness in all of them and the timelessness of their ability to bring it all together to the present.


These rhythm and blues musicians, and more, were all so completely in their music and where it was taking them. They all had looks of the embrace of love of their music on their movements, and in the way they were in complete harmony with each other. It was an example of what we are all experiencing in these energies of upliftment, in the expression of the music that is coming from the innermost soul. We are all one, and we all have our own individual ways of creating the Oneness that we are experiencing more and more each day.


I feel that this is what Toshiro showed me when he flashed to me last night. I had never thought, or questioned if a past life of an animal would be able to interact with the present life of the soul from which it had created it's physical experience. To see the flash of Toshiro was a change for me to realize that it is something that can happen with all forms of life, in whatever way is in keeping with their lifestream. In thinking about it later in the evening I realized that is what is happening in some of the times when Cassie stands and gazes at me as if she is seeing many light years back within me.


It is a matter of being able to apply Love and understanding in a way that can bring harmony as well as a deeper communication with each other. When you show some aggressiveness as a reflection to one who brings aggression to you, then it can show them what that aggression can bring into their lives. As long as you reflect it back to them with the power of Love, that can show them that there has to be a different way to communicate with someone whom they love and respect. For instance, when Cassie jumps up on me to get my attention, if I move toward her, not away from her, in response, and say, "Stop", then she will see what it can mean when she makes a jump on anyone. That is what our dear friend, who is sharing our home, told me she had read in a book she's reading. It is another piece of the puzzle in the present conditions of our lives.  I see how it all ties in, how it all flows together in a way that is like the music in our energy streams. It is all in harmony, being presented to each other in a way that cannot be denied is bringing utmost joy to everyone involved.


The soul of Toshiro has been with me through many other dogs who have graced my life. As I see now, they continue to, with the individuality that they all had. The completeness of them all in my life has showed me the various ways in which they reflect our way of living to them, and vice versa. Cassie is showing me how the aggressiveness that can come into our lives can be met with the same energy, but with the power of Love that can bring about the understanding of how it has been interpreted. That, in itself can bring about a new way of expression that will bring about a harmonic way to live together in this world. It can show us that the only way to be able to live in peace, joy and love is to live that promise of harmony. Bring the music of our lives into a showing of our love for all of humanity. The music is what emerges from our innermost expressions of bringing Love to the surface and beyond. In doing so it shows the reflection of that which lives within.


Thank you dear Toshiro and Cassie for being such gifts to me, and to all who know and love you. Thanks to all of you wonderful singers who bring forth your examples of how to live and love in harmony. Thanks to everyone here and beyond who contribute your examples of how to live in Love, Peace and Joy in every moment.  Love is all There Is!



Much Love,

Nancy Tate