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Wake up Call: Nancy, November 10, 2015


After yesterday's WUC, I have been inspired to share more about what the message from Enki inspired in me. There is a video of a message brought forth from Bashar about the Annunaki, of whom Enki was a pivotal being. Enki was a direct part of our evolution into the duality human, with which we have been growing and evolving to the ultimate understanding of what it is that brought us to this expression, which we are not destined to remain in.


This whole expression of that which Enki gave some information about in the Wake up Call of Jan 30, 2004, has been part of our ability to move downward into an experience, from which we are now in the process of rising from. We are on the ground floor of the play, and in our further expression the play will give the reasons in more detail. The expression of how we are now living the return to whom we came from is in full progress. We will be evolving beyond what we have expressed as yet, in all of our experiences since we were created.


I find it interesting that a few days ago Bob told me about the Bashar video and we watched it together. You may watch it here: .

Then I had the 'dream experience' 2 nights ago of being told to send out Enki's message. Since I was involved with Enki in my first lifetime on earth, I realize the connection I have about the Annunaki. That information is in my DNA in a way that transformed my lifetimes on earth in many ways, as have so many of you, in your own individual ways.


There are many ways in which we are seeing and feeling the early experiences we had in our early years on earth. This is one example of that. You may go here to read for free The Legacy, which is the story of my first lifetime on earth, in which I was involved with Enki. The way I was inspired to finish the story was an evolvement beyond what it had originally been. That is one of the examples in which we have the power to change the timelines that we created here since time began.


As we go beyond where we have been stuck in a parallel for so long into a new one that is awaiting our claim, we will continue to see how mighty our abilities are to create that which we intend for our lives. It is an example of what we have been expressing, and that which we will continue to Create in our mastery of the abilities we were Created with.


So dear ones, if the times seem filled with all kinds of trauma, violence, and pain, know that it means that the incredible heaviness and degree of negative energy has been moving out of our world from the of depth of its being held in captivity by the addition of more of the same. Now it is being released of that heaviness because of the increase in the positive energies coming from the hearts of so many of us on the surface of the earth. That positive energy has increased exponentially which is giving it more power to transform the 3rd dimensional center of earth to the 5th dimensional Inner and Hollow Earth. In doing so, it releases the negativity to the surface. Once it reaches the freedom of the surface then the incredible power of our Love transforms it back to the original energy of Love, and allows it to flow on out into the universe in the freedom of the Love, from which it came. Because it is increasing in release it will not take much longer for it all to be released out into it's freedom of Love.


That means, dear ones that we will all be expression in Love for each other and all of existence. We will be experiencing a much more powerful feeling of Love. We will be, and are as I speak, living that Love in so many ways. It is our expression now to be the Love that we have exponentially Created for our new journey into the universal energy of existence. There is no turning back now for we have the ability to return to our fullness and go on beyond in the circles of Love that we are inspired to Create.


So go forward into your day dear family, and enjoy the experiences that bring you laughter, peace and Love. Sing and dance your way into the freedom of reaching out to anyone you feel inspired to. See the sun shining forth into and from everyone's eyes, helping them to stand tall and strong. As the sun shines forth it reflects in every one of us the Love that we were Created from. It is our Heart and our Spirit of expression. So here we go from here to the fullness of our infinity!


Much Love to You all,

Nancy Tate