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Special Wake up Call, November 09, 2015

Last night I woke 2 or 3 times from a 'dreamlike' energy with the thought to pay attention to a message from January 2004. I wasn't able to see or 'hear' the message, only that I needed to go there and pay attention to it. The last time I received this vision, just before I awoke to get up, I felt strongly that I needed to share it with the world. It was then that I felt it could be a WUC from January of 2004. After I got up this morning, fed Cassie, etc. I came to my computer and went to my files. When I saw the one from Enki, and then read it, I knew this was what my visions were telling me. Send this out today, for the timing is of no time, and the message is speaking of the energies of the day. So here it is Dear Ones, for you to purvey.


Wake up Call: Enki, January 30, 2004


            I come to you all now with a message that reflects the honesty of the hearts of all of you. In this instant there is absolute perfection within the trials that you have undergone, and the reason for the substance of troubles that have plagued this planet and her people. Now this is all over, and I am here to tell you that it is up to all of us to bring that reality of peace into our hearts and allow it to come forth from our spirits and our souls.

            This is the stamp upon which there will come a peaceful planet in everyone’s reality. When this is played out in the 3D perspective, then it will come to pass that there will be no more war and there will be no more famine, and there will be no more of playing brother against brother and sister against sister.

            We are in our promised land right now. All we need do is bring that knowing to the front and allow the shadows of yesterday to fade away and allow the dawn of the new day to shine forth. How we do that is up to all of us in our individual ways.

            I would like to share with you something that I have not been allowed to speak of till now. It is with great emotion that I bring this to the light at this time. There is a part of history that bears revealing at this time, for there is a knowledge and a vibration within these words that can set up an energy of change so profound as to make an instant of recognition echo throughout eternity. This is what I say to you all now, and it is that there was never a God on earth that took a part in the creation of man. These gods that have been spoken of in the Holy Books of your world, were mere ordinary men and women who came to earth and took the initiative to bring a new kind of species of man to the earth. This was done with the blessing of the Ultimate Creator God, and when this was accomplished the great plan was carried forth from that phase. This is the great truth that has come from the annals of history in the realm of the truth of the illusory perceptions of the ones who created these beings.

            We took the knowledge that was given us and created a species that faintly resembles the ones who walk the earth today. From that early creation, which my dear ones, was accomplished in laboratories quite like you would find in today’s laboratories, we brought forth scientifically, the first native humans to walk this earth. This is going to be brought forward in many ways in the next months and years, and there will be much that will be revealed in these coming times.

            I realize that I break open an egg that has been held on the shelf for all these millennia. This is the purpose of this message, to reveal the truth once and for all, and to stand in that truth so that we may know ourselves. You see, I was one of those gods whom the humans regarded as such. I was the scientist along with my sister, who brought forth the results of the Grace of the Creator, and used the skills that were given me to produce this new race of man.

            My friends, I suffered in this truth for all these millennia, and I carried that burden of the darkness throughout the times. It was a chalice that I drank from, and I did it in agreement with the Holy Word of The God. I put myself in that position, and I took on the responsibility that was incurred. I am now revealing this, and I am setting you free from my carried burden, for I have released it from myself.

            When you go to sleep this night, and ask for the truth to visit you, do so with the authority that has been restored by your own agreement. You are the ones who worshiped me and you are the ones who were instilled with the gift of Godliness in the essence of the Creator. You are the light of the one who gave you the Light. You are released from the darkness that held you in bondage, for this is the time to reclaim your power and restore the knowing that was given to the few. It is time to see that the few, we, whom you considered God, are but one of you, and that is the truth of the matter. We stand with you and rejoice in who we are, and we are equal in all eyes. Please know that this journey through the polarity is about over, and now we will all sup in the equality that prepares a table that is as round as the sun that shines on all of us.

            I leave this transmission, and invite you to explore your truth in this matter. It is time to bring into perspective the whitewashing that has occurred in many circles and see that there is no whitewashing that is necessary, for you cannot cover the truth. Just allow it to blossom forth and allow the tears of the Holy Ones to wash all the troubles away. You are love and you are light and we are all One.


Thank you Dear Lord Enki, brother of all,

Nancy Tate