November 04, 2014               Click here for Printable


Right after I sent out my Update this morning, I was asked in an email if what had been sent out recently about the New Republic was something that could be verified. You can go to Hollow Earth Network and read it here.

 In considering it, I immediately felt Sananda's presence, so I asked him what he had to tell us. This Wake up call is what I received.


Special Wake up Call from Sananda, 11-04-14


What I want to tell you about what came through from various people, including from Zaraya, is that things are happening as I speak. As they continue it will be obvious to all of you that there has been much behind the 'bushes' that has been hidden from view purposely. As soon as it begins to show itself into the public view, then there will be no mistaking what has been lied about and manipulated for so many years. This will make a difference and all of the unrest will come to the surface to be made right and brought to a final notice for freedom and prosperity that has been long denied.


We will all be there for those who ask, as we always have been. There will be many who will ask, for they have been under the truth of what will be coming to the surface to show the world what has been taking place behind the scenes. That will open many eyes and it will be seen to be a progress point that will change many lives for the betterment of the people.


Yes, I am Sananda, and I come through this one in an endearing sign that events are about to spring forth and we will be able to assist you to the truth that you have coming for your freedom and well being for now and forever. We see the light in many of your eyes and hearts, for you are seeing that the promises that have been spoken are about to come to the limelight. There will be jubilation once the cooling down of the realization takes place.


There has been much turbulence behind the scenes. Now it is going to show forth as the coming together for the underlying release of so much that has been put into place that is not going to be used and allowed anymore. Many of the people have been using their powers and their abilities to begin the withdrawal of all that has kept humanity in captivity, without their even realizing it. All that captivity is about to change, and it will be an awakening that has been being called for, for some time.


Send out your deep and abiding Love to it all and know that what is being suggested for holding an energy of Love is the road to take to the freedom that is around the bend and waiting your acceptance. It is yours already; welcome it into your hearts and homes as a rainbow of color that lights up your lives and shines forth into the universal Love of all. You have the Power and the Freedom to do just that.



Thank you dear Loving Sananda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate