November 29, 2011               Click Here for Printable,


White Knights of the Universe


When you go through a shift in consciousness and find that you are no longer in the same space that you were a moment ago, what do you feel, how do you adjust to the knowledge that you are changed? I am here to tell you that there is an oncoming period of time in which you will be experiencing many moments of this kind. It may be that you either feel dizziness, sudden fatigue, overjoyousness, despair, or any such thing that indicates you have come to some sort of understanding that was not with you before.


This understanding isnít necessarily that you know what it is that is understood, but that in some respects you are in a fuller way of being than you were. When this happens for you know that there is coming a difference in the way that you look at life, at the things that speak to you in the various ways that announce a coming event, a new way of thinking about some things, or a turn in your mind that leads you to a new way of living. This new way of living may be very subtle, or could be a vast opening of a new direction. It could be a setting aside of some of your tasks, or a taking on of more, that affects the others that you are already involved with.


It is a matter of clearing away the debris of old times and seeing that there are spaces that either melt away, or ask to be filled anew. As this comes into being it is wise for you to welcome the newness of your inner guidance and see that it is a step for you in the journey that is being orchestrated by your inner self. You are also tuning in to the Oneness of humanity and all of existence and as you do this you are increasing the flow of unity that you are being guided to. As you take the process step by step, you will look back on what you have been doing and see even more how far you have come in the evolvement of your beingness.


Take this new realization with you in your daily life. Welcome it for the mirror that it creates for you in knowing how to live in these rapidly changing times. Look around you and observe those who are in the news, in the neighborhoods, the stores, and your life in general, and see the reactions of change as they individualize, while at the same time carry the glow of oneness.


That is how Spirit works. That is how all is spoken in the same language. It is a beautiful sight to see, and as we stand in our place in the universe and observe your progress, we are in awe at times of the journey that you are creating. We see the promise that you give yourselves and we know that even though we have, at one stage of our evolvement, also had our moments of new discovery, we have not been on the same roads that you have created and climbed. We have been with you on these roads, but not all of us have walked them in our own ways as the creators of the roads that are walked in the darkness of non-recognition.


We are here today to welcome you back to yourselves, and to let you know that it is a matter of trusting in yourself, of forgiveness of yourself for what you feel may be out of balance and not able to comprehend or see. You are sorting through the debris of what you have cast aside, accumulated and sent for as showstoppers for the rest of humanity to see. Now it is the time when you are sorting through it all and sending off into recreation that which no longer fits in your life.


Congratulations! Hold firm and easy to what you know to be your truth. Know that as you take each step it is of your own creation and that you tune in to that which is considered to be the best thing that you can do in the moment. We watch and sometimes we seek to understand where the echoes of the newness came from. Then you smile your recognition, and we see it in the depths of your beingness and we smile along with you.


Thank you so much for what you are doing to teach us all about this journey that we all agreed to create. It is so profound and yet, so simple to the Truth of what is coming. Hold on to your hats for in the next changes and evolvement of your beauty you will see your journey speed up and accelerate at such a rate as to leave you at times breathless and in awe. Relax then and know that in the next moment you will be at ease and the peace with which you flow into the joy of loving life will carry you in the white light of golden love, and it will be the best that can be for the moment.


We are the White Knights of the Universe and we stand ready to take your hands and welcome you back to your Home at the moment in which you choose to be here.  Love abounds and you are in our fullness of love and respect for you and all that you can do.


Thank you White Knights of the Universe,

Love, Nancy Tate