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Nancy: Horus, I have been asked by a few people about the beings from Hollow and Inner Earth and whether or not we will be able to see them when they emerge onto the surface. Also, if they are going to show themselves then what affect would it have on the earth and its people? The point is if we are supposed to meet and interact with them on earth and if people have to be in the fifth dimensional vibration then how can there be any interaction here in this fourth dimension reality? Also, some wonder if you eat meat will you be able to see them?


Horus: You and your friends pose some interesting questions; we have been waiting for them to come to light. I will address them, and I feel it will set your minds to rest. First of all, we will be coming, or I should say, will continue to come to the surface. Those of us who have been visiting you have been setting a precedent for the oncoming emergence all over the globe. We are going to come when the majority of you are in readiness for our energy, and that speaks of any manner in which you are able to receive us.


Some of you will see us as we walk alongside you. Some others will feel our presence and know the love that is surrounding them. Still others will feel something that they cannot put their fingers on, but will know that it is a benign essence that is with them. Still others will think of the Lord Jesus and see what they are feeling as being His presence, and will respond in the way that their belief structure inspires them to. It will all be positive and in the proper alignment with the vibration that is present for them in their evolvement.


For those of you who see us in your presence, know that we are here for you to interact with in the way that you have called for. We are in harmony with you and as we walk together in our purpose we shall bring a message to those who are in a state of receivership for what we bring them. As we come into your lives we will bring with us helpful information that will bring to you a deeper understanding of what it is that you are to be doing in the months to come.


For those of you who stand downlight of us, we will send to you our essence in the truth of who we are in a way that you will understand why we are with you. You may see a glow around a bush, a light in the sky that follows you around, an animal that appears to you at every turn in the road and in your dreams. There are those of you who will be hearing whispers of truths and songs of love and harmony. You will suddenly feel like singing and dancing with us, though you may not know that you have a partner in the song and dance. You will be a breath away from being able to see us and talk in our vibration.


For those of you who feel something different, but canít identify what it is, you are awakening to the innermost recognition of your family of long ago. You will have dreams and chance meetings with others who are in the same vibrational evolvement, and you will feel inspired to share with each other the experiences you have brought to your lives.


For all others, you will be reaching new elevations in your belief systems, and your lives will begin to change to suit that newness. You will find that alongside you are those who are in the same place, and your lives will coincide with each other in ways that can bring you new understanding of what your beliefs mean to you. Many ideas that you have lived by will begin to change, and you will open up to the messages that come to you in voice and thought. Many of the stories that have brought you learning and understanding will give you deeper ideas and will open the door to thoughts that may bring you challenge to look at life in a whole different way.


As for the parts of your way of life, such as the foods you eat, and things you read, the ways you see the inner longings and the outer conveyances of how you spend your time, we say that when you allow yourself to be true to yourself, and donít force anything into, or out of your lives and feel discomfort from it, then you are in a flowing and true path to your soulís destination. If you are ready to discontinue eating meat, drinking soda, milk, or anything else that brings you comfort, then that is the time for it, and not before. The road to your inner and outer harmony is according to what is bringing you joy, peace and harmony.


Take the time to enjoy life and to ponder on what you are experiencing in the moment. It is a time for you to be in readiness for what your soul and Spirit have contracted with you to do and experience. When you get to the point hat you are ready for the big switch from your present way of being to something else that feels like it is waiting your claim, then give it life, and welcome this newness into your life. Even if it may at first feel a bit foreign to think of it, if the urge is to go ahead and do it, then you are on the journey to your new vibratory status.


The important thing in all this is to be in comfort and to allow that comfort to be elevated whenever you feel the inspiration to do so. If you are feeling like you are treading water and that you are going nowhere, then take a step, test the waters. If you bounce back with a smile on your face, then take another step, and another, till it is a dancing, skipping journey that you take to get to that next adventure. Your vibration will then elevate and you will feel the difference.


For those of you who are in the process of your evolvement where you feel like you are going round and round, purging and clearing, then congratulations. You are cleaning out all the old stuff that has been lodged for all this stage of your beingness. As you allow more and more of that stuff to filter through, and leave your inner light softer and more radiant then you will find your life will lighten and any discomfort will flow away. Your life will become more and more easy and joyful.


As we go about our journeys we do so with the utmost love and ease. We do so with the knowledge that we are doing all that we can to bring us all back together. We will come and visit you. We will come and surround you with love. Donít sweat the small stuff and worry about the details, for it will all come to pass. We will reunite and it will be like nothing youíve ever experienced in your lives before. We are One and that is our Truth to take with us forevermore.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love Nancy Tate