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I come to you today on the wings of a dove and through the auspices of love and understanding. I am Horus once again, and in this message I wish to convey to you what is taking place in the Inner Earth at this time and how it will affect you in the coming days, weeks and months.


We of the Inner Earth are meeting with those of the Hollow Earth to be in contact with some of you on the surface and to help you to be in readiness for the coming Emergence. We see that many of you all over the globe are ready to not only see us, but to work with us in the upcoming events that will be taking place on the surface. As the shifts in energy continue to bring about many things that seem to be unsettling, we are allowing the true nature of the replenishment of Gaia’s body to realign and to come into balance with the Inner and Hollow parts of her.


In so doing we are also working with those on the surface to lend a hand in the ways that they are inspired. These ways may take on varying pictures, and in some cases may seem to be purely 3rd dimensional. This is not the case in many instances, such as the devotions and dedications that so many are holding in the interest of the reformation of the financial systems. What you see in these demonstrations are many people taking a stand for what they know to be their independence and freedom to live as they desire and intend. They are peacefully sending a message to those who have their own interests in place, and are telling them that it is time for a change, the change back to the sovereignty of each and every person on the planet.


There are also others who are being stimulated to go within and see the peaceful means by which they can help to bring about the change necessary. They are speaking with us on the inner planes and we are responding with information and total backing of their ideas. Then there are those who are sitting with us in fields, forests and at the foot of a tree, a boulder, or anything else in nature that they are drawn to. We extend our invitations and they respond.


There is coming a time when we will indeed come to the surface to some of you and walk with you through the towns, villages and even some of the areas in the cities where we will be welcomed. We honor your places of vestige and your ideas about what is to be done, for you are coming from your inner knowingness, and that is in harmony with ours. It is a wonderful time in the evolution of all of you, and as the doors continue to open, we will come through them to meet you halfway and walk with you in tune to the songs of freedom and joy that resonate throughout humanity.


If you find yourselves thinking of the episodes of freedom as opposed to the bondage that has been taking place, then follow your thoughts and respond to the ideas that come to you of peaceful and powerful ways in which to carry on. This is your true-self speaking forth with us and being able to comprehend what it is that we are in harmony with. It is a matter of knowing that you are not alone, and that with every step you take, we take one alongside you. It is also a matter of knowing that when you are ready on all levels to see us, you will.


You will not only see us, but you will instinctively recognize us from when we were living on the surface in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. This may then bring about feelings of sadness, guilt, and remorse, and then will be followed immediately with feelings of love, joy and reunion with those who have been at your side and awaiting your return to who you are. We have held a glowing light in our windows for your return, and as you see that light that shows you the way back home we have waved to you, whispered of our love and joy, and opened the door for you to walk through.


So dear ones, as you go through your days, and hear in your minds and hearts a few words of love, of patience, of what the next moments can hold, listen to them, and you will hear more. You will also feel inspiration for some action, or some new way of doing something. Listen to that and then go forth in the new you in your new world. You are creating your new world. It is for you to create in the way you desire. It will be in harmony with all around you, for it is coming from your innerness and it harmonizes with all others who are able to reach that level of beingness.


Do not worry about those who are not on the same level as you are in the moment, for they too are choosing their pathway back home. Honor that, and send forth all the love and light you can muster. They will respond in their own time and place, and then a new brother or sister will show their light in the rainbow of newness that is being created.


I go now and say one more thing to you in departing. I am always here for you. I depart from this message for now in order for you to absorb and put into action what you have gained from this. You are so infinitely powerful in what you can accomplish, and we are sitting back in awe of what we see. As you take the opportunity to smell the roses and to gleam in the light of the Inner Sun, you build your new world in the energy of the purist form. Enjoy your days and nights and all that comes from all of you. You are making a difference and we appreciate all of you. Love abounds forevermore. See you in the auspices of revelation of who you are, for now and for always.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate