November 26, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish




I sit here on this day and I find myself being extremely grateful for the silence of the day. While all kinds of activity is going on around me ‘out there’ I am in a relaxed state of being. I am not saying that I am doing nothing; however the little I am doing is being done in the energy of peace and of loving being here.


Yesterday was a day of hustle and bustle to ready ourselves for the lovingly anticipated company of dear friends for the healthy, delicious Thanksgiving feast we all contributed to. While they were here, we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and were all living that Thanksgiving for such dear people being in our lives.


Today I look forward to an evening at one of our favorite restaurants in the city where the people who own it are like family to us. They hug us, talk a bit with us when they can, and joke with us as family does. I’ve seen a difference in the public places that we go to and that is that we are greeted with genuine smiles and an energy of love that is unmistakable. That seems quite different from a few years back. I feel that reflects the numbers of people who are awakening to their own beauty, and that the reflection of that shines forth and lights up those who are around them.


I never thought I would enjoy living in a city, or even on the outskirts, especially here on the northwestern edge of this beautiful city of Tucson.

All of my life I have lived in country settings, until the past 4-5 yrs. Now, as we begin our second year in this Dome Home, I have seen that there are small communities within the city that can be regarded as a hometown setting, with potential for expansion in a moment’s notice, by taking another route that takes you deeper into the city.


I feel this could be representing what we are evolving into in our lives. We are so used to this small planet in this huge universe. Very few of us, if any, remember what it is like to be out there and in the heart of this huge city of existence that we call a universe. We’ve wondered how anyone could be happier in all of that space and activity out there, which we have no concept of what it is like, except for the imaginings on the movie and TV screens played out before us as we sit in our little villages and watch from our own perspective of being ‘all there is ‘out there’.


Many of us have come to know that we are not alone, that the ‘city out there is teeming with life and that it is waiting our visit to the lands that they have built and garnered through their own imaginings and those of the beings who are so lovingly awaiting our visit to the great unknown. I feel that much of what we will discover is not the great unknown. It is the great un-remembered, and for some it is the great remembered, enough so that it is an event that we greatly await with a feeling of expectation. That expectation is teeming over with the excitement of a new world to explore and make Home.


We’ll be ready for the expansion of our world just as I, and others have become more readily accepting of living in this world of community and love that surrounds us. Our immediate surroundings are of a country feel, while right down the road is the entrance to the city that is proving to be a wonderful family that welcomes us to their home and their way of life, which isn’t that far from what ours is, not anymore, if it ever was.


So, my dear friends out there, I am saying to you this Black Friday of 2010, which represents garnering to your bosom all of the wonderful gifts that your budget will allow for your loved ones that the significance of the name for this day I look upon as being beautiful. I am now seeing the reality to the original meaning of the words in our language. The word black has at times denoted something not as positive as other words denoting color. The word force, the word anti, other words too numerous to mention, have all taken on different meanings from what they originally stood for.


It is now time to see the original meaning of our words and what they stand for and see them in the purity and love from which they came. Just as it is with people, animals, vegetation, minerals and all nutrients of our soils, and our earth which at one time was part of another planet. All of this is in an ever-evolving state, and yet it has the original heart and soul that made it so lovingly pure and wonderful as that which brought it forward, The Source of everything.


This is the Truth of everything that is. From the expansiveness of this universe, which is but one in a multitude of universes, to the tiniest atom that is making its way back home to the anti-matter state from which it came. We are all one and any part of the one is part of ourselves. Let’s remember that the next time we go through something that we resist experiencing, and remember that we all have our own ability to stay in the light and love from which we came. Nothing can go against what we call to ourselves every moment, for it is all of our creation in the larger picture.


From the fireside hearth in the county setting to the expansive heat of the city, to the universe, which holds it all, and beyond we are one and we are living what we choose. Blessed we are, for it is our world.


I love you all,