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A Dream


Once upon a time

The peoples of this land

Had a dream.

As this dream unfolded

The wonders were many.


Buffalo enjoyed the freedom

That security gave them.

Trees sang with their joy

Of eternal life.


All the four leggeds,

And the wingeds

Were in harmony

With the ones who walked upright.


A great peace was over the land.

This will be again.

One day love will reign supreme

And our Mother Earth


Shall once more sing

In joyous chorus

With all that there is,

And all there ever will be.

 By Nancy Tate, 1997


Happy Thanksgiving, from Nancy, Bob and Toshiro


I carry a picture in my heart of this land, this country, and it is one of freedom and joy, development and peace. It is one that requires no setting other than that which is in our hearts and reflected out onto the land that echoes our true nature.

Why do we see that which is not? Why is it that there is no seeming justice in our movements and in our hearts? It is because we have fallen out of the picture from which we came. We are a millisecond away from that which is our beginning. All we need do is to tune in to that which we are and then see it reflected out there where we live. From there we can exercise our free will to bring the glory that we are into splendor of that which recognizes the freedom that we celebrate on this day.

Do not see that we are enslaved, for we are not. Do not see that we have given away our rights, for we have not given that which is ours inherently. We let ourselves sleep through this tirade of dreams and see it as nightmares. As we awaken to what is around us we will see that all we need do is to support the ones who see what we see. We see that there is a beautiful bounty out there and it reflects that which is within.

We are taking our next day to celebrate our Thanksgiving for the bounty we have. Letís continue to live that bounty and allow the deceptions to go their way, for they are not real. The only way that we make them real is to buy into them. We have the way to rise above that, which is not in our keeping to be that whom we are.

Go now and see your world as it is in your heart and live that truth, for it is the only truth that has any ground to stand on. We knew that when we first came to this land, and a chosen few reflected that in the ways that they lived on this land. We now join the chosen few, and we return to that which we lived then and live again, forevermore. This time we do it in earnest and without fail. We are the chosen few and in number we are infinite.