November 17, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish





There is a time for all of you to get together and shine your light, and that is now. Now is the time to show who you are and what you can do. With all that is taking place in the world and all that is on the cusp of great things, you are in a position where you can emerge and bring forth all that you are, even if it does not seem so at the time.


There is a tremendous amount of energy in the world today that represents the very core of Spirit. It is emerging forth from so many of you and it is what is called the ‘hundredth monkey’ of change. Yes, dear ones, you have reached that place within where your hearts are fully combined and your will is evident in how you live. It is imperative that you now begin to live more fully who you are and that will bring you to the place that you now see as where you want to be.


You can be there my dear ones. You are there; all you need do is see it from your vantage of being the awakened Spirit Light that you are. Do you see it in your neighbor’s eyes? Do you feel it in your beloved’s heart? Do you live it in your every choice for living in the Now? It is time for you to look inward at the new you, that is really the old new brought into today’s timeliness.


It is all about what you choose to do in this acceleration of power that you have awakened. It is all about the part you play in this reality that you have created through your inner urgings and the answers you have given them. You are so capable of creating your world in the peace joy and freedom that is yours that all it will take is your recognition of that, and your walking forward in it to create the fullness of what you know to be true.


I am here, as are all of the others of your family to walk alongside you and to comfort you if you slip a bit. We are here to cheer you on and applaud your moves of power and might. You are so in tuned with yourself now, as you have not been since you began this walk through duality. You are so ready to have this play over and that is where you are headed right now.


Take my hand dear ones; take the hand of all those who walk with you and know that the energy of Oneness surges through us all through the joining of hands. We all do this, and we all dance through the process that is upon us. That is singing through the universe of the triumph over what had befallen us on Maldek. We are all in the driver’s seat and it is asplender with Light from all sides, because the Creator is beaming the love that has been all around us for all time. The difference now is that we see it.


You see it, don’t you? You see it in all of the truths, all of the fabrications, and of the cover-ups that have been hidden for so long as they come forth and decorate the headlines every day. As these reports come forth and interrupt the goings on of those would seek to rule you forever, you are realizing that you have the power to create your world as you see it to be for the benefit of all, rather than for a small group of ones who seek to dominate and make the world around them only theirs.


As you enlarge the picture of what can be, and for whom, you will be casting your light on all of humanity. As that happens those who can withstand the light will gather around and walk with you. Those who shrink from the Light will find their own little corner of their world and continue their play as long as they can manage to keep themselves in the dark. Then one day, they will turn around and see the truth in the Light that never went out for them. Then they too can return to the truth from which they came, and you will be there to welcome them back to the world of Love and Light, which is the only Truth that there is.


It is time, dear ones to walk that road and to put behind all that has hindered you. Know that as you do this you walk in the refreshing energy of who you truly are and what you can do with that Truth. You are about to emerge in full consciousness and then you will see the grand parade of angels and masters who have always been right here with you. You will know then that you have never been alone and that all is well in your world.


That time is now. That is all you need know. Now is the word for what is said about time, and soon, and at some time. Now is what is meant, for time does not exist in the real world it is a matter of what you do and the events that spring forth from the choices that you make. That is what is meant by the use of those words that you have come to deny in our reports. When you see one of those words, realize they translate to the choices that are made in the Now of timelessness.


I am Hatonn and I say in closing that it is so wonderful to be back though this one and delivering the song of Always to you, my dear family of Truth. We go now in support of freedom and love, and we dance forever in the light of Truth, for that is all there is.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate