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The Collective


In this world of changing times and moving energies there is one thing that we can say for what it taking place in the realms of Spirit. It is all in good order. It is all according to what is needed at this time in order for the new earth to emerge from the present earth and all of her duality energies.


As the times continue and the uprisings emerge from the center of the earth’s mantle and from the various downloads of the emotional discharges that have accumulated in the mantle over the history of the earth there are varied and many events taking place that represent that which has already gone by from the evolution of man on the planet.


As this energy of emotions and events emerges it is being acted out by the various beings on earth who have taken human form and are now reliving those old energies. This is an example of what it is to be living in a holographic universe. This is what it is to be returning to the antimatter state from the matter state that you have all chosen to experience.


This is what is meant by the progression of humanity in a world of its own creation, and that will continue to be just that. It will be what you make of it and it is coming to represent the beautiful heart-felt energy that is being awakened within each and every one of you.


You can see it in the animal kingdom. You can see how much they are in tuned with each other and with you. This is because you are now more open to them and so they respond to that in a way that includes all life on earth. As they continue to open up more and more to each other and to you, so too do you with each other and with all of existence.


What is taking place now in the center of this hollow earth is that there is a beautiful pristine world there that is awaiting its emergence to the surface of the planet. It is there for the beautification of the surface and for the transformation of that which is seen to be troublesome and unclean in many ways. This represents the very transformation of the matter world back to the anti-matter world. It is what happens when the negative energies that have been embedded in the mantle for so of these millennia begin to be released through the intent and evolvement of the life on the surface.


You are doing this my dears. Yes those of you who are awakening and have been awake for some time are allowing, and in fact inviting the Spirit within Gaia to come forth to shine and be the outer glow that has been associated with the halo that glows on the countenance of the saviors and angelic beings over the millennia.


Gaia is a living being, as are all of you. She is holding the inner Light of her body for all of her life on the surface. As she releases the energies within her mantle, or her soul, it allows some of the cracks and crevices the passage through which the Spirit of her inner light then shine forth and invite any life on the surface to open up to their inner glow. This is what is taking place right now, dear ones. This is why there is so much turmoil on the surface, while at the same time so much more being brought forward that represents the freedom that is eminent within the next few months.


As these energies of love and freedom emerge forth they integrate themselves into the likeness of themselves within all of you, all of life on earth. That is what is taking place right now and that is what will continue as you all welcome the changes, and understand more and more what is taking place.


There is nothing that can stop this from happening, for it is a done deal. It is going to continue at an increasing speed and as it does you will find that instead of the sometimes expected increase in turmoil and the dangers that come from all that is hidden, that there will be a steady and stronger increase in the events and energies that represent the emergence of the Light from not only Gaia but from each and every one of you who allows it to come and to be seen and heard.


Your hearts are opening up so well, and that represents that the energy of the feminine power is strengthening and that the energy of living in the heart is being permeated throughout the masculine energy. That means that as this evolvement back to the feminine energy takes place there will be a balancing of the masculine and feminine and that will bring about the perfection of the Oneness that is so beautiful in expression.


You are all wonderful; you have played the game so interestingly. You are about to emerge as the Light from Gaia’s heart to see the truth of what your world is and how you have created it in the Word of the Source. You will see what you can do to bring forth that which has been waiting in the wings to speak forth the truth of what is in the present state of being. You will also see what it is that is in store for you in the times to come. You will realize that through it all there was always one solid, sure force and that was that you never lost your way completely and that you were always Home, no matter where you were and what you were doing.


We love you so completely and we see each and every one of you following the course, still and always, that you set for yourselves. Those of you who choose to go on and experience this reality for a while longer than others will find that eventually you will create a world in which you can satisfy your choices and always have the invitation to return to yourselves as you truly are.


Those of you who choose to go on with the train of accelerated joy and freedom in the light will find that as you go forth and live the acceleration you will find the peace and the excitement that represents living in the moment and being able to take that moment from one into the next and the next and enjoy the freedom that it brings in a way that was only in your dreams before. It will be as if you always had a brake on your vehicle and now it is gone, yet forever at your beck and call if you choose to slow down and smell the roses one more moment than you did before. In other words, it is all in your choosing as it has always been, but now it is in your full consciousness that you have that choice.


Go now into your day and see that beauty that is the hollow earth emerge forth in the time that is chosen by those on the surface and those who have held it in readiness for you for so long. They too will emerge and the reunion will begin, for they are your family just as all on the surface are. There are no strangers amoung us, and soon that will be revealed for all time. So get out the celebration items and remember that you created this masterpiece. The time is now to claim it and see what it is that has been in storage for you and in promise for the times to come.


We are The Collective who bring you all that you are in words and energy. We see you and we celebrate for the time of reunion is very near. We love you all and we encourage you to follow your hearts into the Promised Land.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love Nancy Tate