November 20, 2008                



Hi Dear Ones,

The time is close for anyone else who wishes to be a part of the Unified Heart Readings to sign up. Go to: for details on how to sign up and for payment options. Sunday, November 23 is the last day that you will be able to take part in this month’s reading. I will do the reading in the last week of the month and send it out to those who have signed up.


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When you are walking down the road and come upon a turtle, what do you do? Do you sweep the turtle along with your boots, or do you pass it on by with a feeling of fondness for the slow deliberate trip that he is making?


How often have you thought, “Oh to have the life of a turtle and to see everything as a step to take out of the ordinary and part of the process of getting there?” Do you progress at a speed so rapid and unthinking that you are moving from instinct, or are you taking each step with deliberate action that is born one from the other?


I am Hatonn here, and I invite you to be a turtle for a day. I invite you to see the broader side of the road and to see what the snails and the turtles get from life in their deliberate movements through the byways of time. As you do this, you may find a smoother flowing to your steps. You may find that one thing leads to another in a way that makes sense and equals the sum total of abundance of life.


Yes, I know that this is something that has been addressed for many years and in many different ways. I realize that some of you are saying, “Not one more way to receive prosperity, please. I’ve heard it till I’m up to my ears in it.” I say, “Have you heard this one? What harm will one more tale do in this scheme of things?”


Now back to the turtle. He is slow and deliberate for a reason. For one thing, he has his home on his back. He carries his life possessions with him and at every turn of the corner it goes with him and keeps him safe and unharmed. If something comes along that he feels may be of harm, or bothersome, he pulls in to his home and stays where he is. He hides and knows that he will be safe, for even if someone picks him up and throws him in the water, he can swim ashore and be on his way.


“But what if he drowns; what if he gets hurt in the throw?” you wonder. “How is that going to teach me something?” I tell you that even if he never walks another road, never sees another turtle or snail on his journey, he is going to know that he lived his life in exactly the way he could. He took his life’s pleasures and he made the most of them. He chose to live his life as he did with his home and all of his possessions everywhere that he was. He saw his world from the perspective of perfection, and he took his time doing it.


This may seem a strange way of presenting my point, however, sometimes the simplest of stories makes the point better than the novel of life and the brilliance of prose. If you look at what this small tale tells you, so will you see the simplicity with which you can live your life. Your home is the body that you carry around. You can escape into your body and not allow people to see the real you; you can actually become invisible to danger, once you remember how to do that. You carry around all that you were born with, and you know that anything else that you may gather to you is just that; more gatherings that may impede you on your way.


Oh, it is nice to have the gatherings, they make you warmer, or cooler, or more comfortable. But that does not mean that you can’t be warm, cool or comfortable with yourself. It means that you can be all of that within and without, as long as you have that knowledge in your mind and heart.


Explore those two attributes that you have. Your mind tells the stories and your heart agrees or disagrees, likes, or doesn’t like. You can convince yourself of anything that you want, or you can know that nothing is true that is not obvious to your heart. Why give anything life that has no resonance in the heart? As long as you have that knowledge in your heart, supported by your mind, that you are fine and that all you need in life is what you carry around with you, then you can always be at peace, you can always find joy, and you will always love yourself for the bounty you have given yourself. From that place, then you can go on and gather to yourself all of the riches, abundance of things, and prosperity of any kind. And if they all disappear you won’t give a hoot, for you were happy before they came and their coming did not change that one iota.


So, the message of the day is to be as the turtle and move alongside the snail at the pace that feels right and good to you. Never mind if you don’t have a mansion or an apartment, or a large swimming pool. You actually do have those things right where you are, or beside the road where you are, and you always will be richer if you know it, than those who have the fabulous wealth and all that represents it, if they don’t know their true wealth.


Sing the song of love and joy as you go along your road in the richness that you are, and watch the turtles sit up and take notice of you. They’ll feel safe in your presence and will walk along beside you, blessing you for the company.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate