November 10, 2008              



Galactic Federation


My dear ones, we come today to tell you of great things. We come in guidance to your every prayer, and we share with you the unmistakable beauty of your world and the times that are upon you. We are the Galactic Federation, and in our position here in your skies we see the change in Gaiaís aura and that of humanity.


Did you realize that your auras create collectively a oneness that beams forth throughout the heavens? Yes, dear ones as you shine forth your promise for yourselves your aura blends with all of the others on your planet and sends forth the message that is the collective representation of the humanity. From that one collective we can then see each individual aura and how it contributes to the Oneness.


As we do so, then we look at the individualization of Gaiaís aura in relation to yours, and we can visualize the inner workings of her body and how it comes to relate with all of you. Yes, there is a communication that is constant between you and Gaia. It is an intercommunication that speaks of the balance that is being conducted in order to keep the equilibrium that is necessary to maintain that balance in which you harmonize in the matter, atomic structure.


We are seeing that you all are agreeing on the nature in which you will be changing and returning back to the atomic anti-matter state from whence you came when you entered into the idea of duality. This, my dear ones is the premise from which we speak this day. We tell you that after the election in the country of the USA, we saw a great leap of change come about in your collective aura. It wasnít just about how it affected you dear ones in the USA, it made a huge difference all around the globe. We saw a mass of interconnected rainbows of color, dancing in and out of each other as fairies on a strip of velvet interspersing their magic in a way that has not been seen before. We saw the result of the people of the USA speaking forth their intent for the return to their freedoms and the empowerment from which they will be a grand part of restoring the promise that they set forth when they first stepped onto the land that they now call home.


What this means is that as the pieces begin to ravel and become disconnected from the old way of governance, there will be a new generation of the means by which to assume the roles of self-governance. The man who stands now in promise to carry out all of the intentions and ideas of the people will stand forth in receivership of all of your ideas, thoughts and wishes for the living of that which has been lying in wait for all these years.


It is up to you, my dear ones to spread the word amoung your fellows and to see that your time has come. See that the old ideas of being governed is now replaced with governing yourselves in a collective manner, in the energy of serving all of humanity, rather than a few, who would see only their interests. It is time, and the setting is in place, for this to all evolve into the beginnings of the New Golden Age. It is now upon your doorstep to bring it into being and to show The Creator that you understand what has been heralded as the awakening that has been promised since time began.


There is another matter that goes alongside this one, and that is to see how this reflects in your own lives, individually. As you arise at the start of a new day, take a moment to assess what they day looks and feels like in that moment. There is a message that The Creator sends forth to you upon your awakening. It isnít only the awakening to your whole new life in the bigger picture that we speak of. It is the awakening to this new day, and what it can be for you.


When you first awaken and that realization is there that you are past the night before, take a moment to listen for the greeting from The Creator/God. Hear what the message for the day is, and bask in that message for as long as you feel to do. Then arise and carry forth in that energy and see how the day unfolds. It is a blessing that sends you forth and carries you throughout the meanderings of the day, and then into the restful sleep that prepares you for the next.


We now bring you to the closing thought for the day, and it is this. As you follow your inner guidance and see what comes from it, you will be laying down a resonance that will speak to all of humanity. As you go about your activities of the day, and take the time to be fully who you are and what you do, you will feel a hum that resonates throughout your being. We tell you now that is the speaking forth of every particle of light, every atom of life, every form of that life, every person, animal, grain of sand, plant, mineral, all that is residing here on Gaia.


As you tune in, do so with the reverence for all life that you represent. Find the place within where you speak back your love and know that they too hear your message, your acknowledgement of you. This will bring about a wonder that will continue the changing of the guard, so to speak, and will heighten the evolution of your atoms back to the state that represents the emergence of the perfection that is the total and constant communication between The Creator and yourself.


You will be in constant touch with who you are and all that exists. It wonít be chaos, as some may think, for in the constancy is the stillness that is the return to Home. It is the place from which all is known in the instant, and all is in promise for what comes from that instant in the will of The Creator. Realize the power through which you brought this change unto the shores of the country that spoke forth their intent to bring a new representative to their land. Know that as you did that, you spoke of your promise that you made to yourselves and to all that exists.


We leave this transmission now and we tell you that we love each and every one of you. Call upon any of us at any time for a word, a whisper, a wiping of a tear. Join our singing of the chorus of freedom, and the celebration of who you are. We are constantly engaged in that with you, whether you are aware of it or not, it is. You are the I Am of all there is, and that is Grand.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,
Love, Nancy Tate