Wakeup Call Message
November 29, 2006


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  St. Lucius 


Give yourself time this day to find it in your heart to bless the children who are giving of themselves as a lesson to humanity for all the transgressions that are placed upon them. Their shoulders are wide and strong, for in their places here on earth they place special emphasis on the powers of might and the power of truth. They do so with a certain amount of decorum that whiles away the senses and accomplishes that which is to be called miracles in the face of ordinary happenings.


When you look into the eyes of a child what do you see? Do you see a stranger looking back at you, or do you see the reflection of the truth that you sometimes seek to avoid? Does that truth keep you at arms length, or do you keep that truth from beckoning at your door?


This is a time in earth life when many are seeking the council from a higher power than they consider themselves to be. Never before in the history of this planet have so many sought for that which is right inside of them, though they know not the key to open up that door to the wisdom and love that they seek.


Come now, my dear ones and open up that door. Set aside any untruths about yourself, such as “I am not worthy”, “I seek nothing but gain for myself, and that is selfish and un-Godly”, there is nothing Godly about me, therefore I shall slip into hell when I die”, “I am merely a human, and of no value”. These and other mistruths escape from the dredges of the subconscious and speak themselves in action and in thought when the dressings of the world overcome the sensibilities of the soul.


How can any one person who is born in God be so far away from the tide of truth that is his inheritance? It is because there is a flooding forth of the tirades of untruths that swell through every cell in everyone’s body. These ideas of ungodliness have been collecting for eons, and are coming forth to be spoken in thought and deed for so many. It is a temporary thing for all of you. For some it is more pronounced than some, for it is met with a great deal of resistance.


For those of you who have been able to recognize the lies as they come forth, you are having a much easier and loving time of it. You recognize that these lies that persist at your door are but memory and you allow them to slip on by and become the light of truth, from the transmutation of the violet flame of love and healing. You know that through your ability to recognize truth and apply it to your present life, you are able to allow the flow through you and to see the truth as it beckons at your door.


What do the children do as you look into their eyes? They give you back yourself in their recognition of who you are. They see the others that you have identified yourselves to be, and they see how they have interacted with you in times gone by. They know you as they know themselves, and in that moment of truth they send you a message. That message is to welcome you back to the truth of what they represent. That truth is that you and the children are together bringing in the New Golden Age, and in so doing you are paying homage to all that has come before and is to come, compiled with what is at this very moment.


So when you see a child and you are asked to come swing with me, play ball and see how far it can go, or swim with me in the everlasting seas of truth, then go for it. Play and frolic into the night of dreams, and then join all the children in the dream fields and frolic into the state of eternal bliss, for that is where the truth lies. Not in your mind that troubles you with confusion, not in the history of lies that seeks to be heard, but in the joy and peace of the present moment lost in love and seeking the high ground of truth.


This is what sets you free. Free to love and to live in the image of The Creator. Free to go and be as Gods! Free to love all there is in a way that holds no reservations. Free to speak and be heard as your heart and soul spread forth to your voice. Give the children their berth and listen to the truth as it flows forth from their lips, for it is sound and it reverberates with the chorus of the angels in flight over the hearts and souls of all of humanity.


I am St. Lucius, and I leave this transmission now sleeping in the arms of the children’s love, and loving you as a child loves The Mother and The Father.


Thank you dear St. Lucius,

Love, Nancy Tate


PS: I was not aware of this Saint, though the name was slightly familiar to me. So I googled it and came up with sketchy information about him. He was Pope for less than one year, back in 253-254. You can find some info on him with this url. http://www.catholicity.com/encyclopedia/l/lucius_i,pope_saint.html


I was just inspired to ask St. Lucius about himself. Here below is what I received.


Nancy: St. Lucius, what can you tell us about yourself?


St. Lucius: My dear one, I have been relegated to the unfortunate (with this word, I noted his sense of humor, for he does not feel this at all) and yet enlightening position of Dog of the heavens. I come to you this day as a representative of the children of the day, for with them I will be able to give forth the ideas I held while on earth back in those times as Pope of the Catholic faith.


Of course my ideas of life and Godliness have changed and evolved over the years and as I speak forth in the guise of the position of sainthood, which was bestowed upon me by man, I give myself the title of human in representation of the canine world. I come to you this day, for I am to tell you of a, known in some places and unknown in others, ability of the canine-dog to render all of the humans in their care the best of all worlds through their own ability to play and cavort and be the example of all that is fun and playful and truthbearing.


I come through you this day to remind you that even though there may be times very rare indeed when you have found yourself to be of little patience with Toshiro, that is the case when there is something that he has seen that can be of service to you to see in yourself.


Nancy: Oh my goodness, St. Lucius. You have certainly hit on something here. I was aware yesterday when I became irritated with my dear beloved Toshiro that it was myself I was irritated with when I had to run and find him, realizing that I had allowed my physical strength and stamina to lessen to the point of not being as strong in flight as before. I thank you for being the representative of the innocence of mankind and of the animal kingdom, and for the example they can play for us. And I thank Toshiro for pointing out to me in his own inimitable way what I didn’t want to see in myself. He was telling me that he plans to be with me for some time, and that I had better get more exercise if I am to keep up with him. Okay, Toshiro, you’re on!