Wakeup Call Message
November 27, 2006


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When you come to me you come to yourself, for in this realm and many others there is only one. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Heather and with this message I introduce a new messenger, via this one, who lives in the realms of light that you know as the 7th dimension. I come to you now for I see a series of events coming for you that pertain to the New Golden Age and its significance to your lives now.


I see that all of you at one stage or another make it to the New Golden Age, and I even see the ones who purportedly are far from being able to ascend to that Age. These ones who I see there are in the dedication to the Light as you are. They are welcomed and shown to be of the highest Light, for they have earned their place where angels feared to dwell.


When they came to this earth and vowed to play their roles they did so with the full knowledge that they would carry the robe of darkness throughout, in many cases, and at intervals in other cases. The responded to the advances made by man throughout the journey of humanity, and they came through with the fullest of their intentions when the times gave way to the curses of the so-called darkness.


These times of darkness held great promise for the New Golden Age, for to see how dark things could be was to see the brilliance of the Light. This took shape in the events throughout your history that are remembered and revered even now. As these events, such as the Holocaust, are remembered it brings a gladness to the hearts of all for the amount of light and freedom that is being experienced today.


Let us look at this for a moment. We see through our hearts, minds and feelings. We see the large percentage of the events as a bell that tolls for mankind and releases the sorrow and the joy from our beings. We see that even though these remembered times were indeed a dirge on mankind, they were too a mirror by which we could see the light within all of humanity and adjudge it to be brighter than the darkness by far. How else could we know our light if we were not allowing a measure by which we could discern?


I was one of the people who stood in line at the time of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I was one who walked into the gas chambers and was released back into this realm in which I now reside. I reside here because I have chosen this time to make myself known to you through this one as one of the beings who, despite what may have seemed to be a horrendous way to die on earth, was but one of the ways that brought me back to this place.


I did not suffer any more than anyone else who returns here. I carried my memory of what had happened with me in the neutrality of Spirit. I brought along with me here the knowledge of what had taken place. With it I lived in the compassionate energy that afforded an acceptance of what took place, as well as a love for all who stood in that place to assume the role of the villain, to be besmirched throughout earth history as being evil and full of darkness.


You too have that ability. You too can find in your heart the knowledge that just as you have stepped forward in your beautiful light to carry out this part of the ascension to the fullness of your light, so too have all those who stand in the shadows and speak of the tyranny and the imprisonment that their actions bring forth. They see that their deeds are what they came here to do, for they are playing a role. This they do on a soul level.


On a level of Light, they translate that feeling of power that is of the Light, into that of their position on earth now. They see that through that power they feel they are working in their own position of power and that it is what they are intending to do right now. They thirst for the power and as they drink of it, it matters not to them that it represents the fear vibration, and that the only thing they need to do it to turn inward and celebrate who they truly are. In that way they can turn their expressions of that inner power to those of the Light and Love.


How can, and why would they do that you wonder, when they are so rapidly taking their supposed places in the world as leaders and victors of the plays? Why would they want to see things different when they are getting what they want? Are they, my dear ones? Are they truly receiving that which they want when they try so desperately over and over again to achieve what they want? Have you seen any presentation of the light in what they do? Are they truly achieving that which they want from their center of power, rather than the outward focus to which they esteem?


Look well and long and see that they are operating in memory, by instinct because they do not give new thought as to why the history of earth looks as it does. Does it not seem that if one thing does not work over and over again, that one would turn from that stream and find another? This is where the light of the situation is. This is where the Light of truth comes in and delivers a beacon unto mankind. When something truly works, it is allowed its voice, honored for what it accomplished, and then a whole new adventure is created in order for the ecstasy of Spirit in action to spring forth in the Light of fullness, bringing a whole new way of expression into being.


This is not what is seen today in earth history. How many times has the same scenario been brought forth by what you term to be the dark? Has this not shown itself over and over in order to some day get it right and bring a feeling of accomplishment that declares it done; now on to the next fun thing?


Look at these ones on earth who are creating in the habit of the ages. Look well and long, for they are emitting a stream of light that speaks to all of you. They are imploring you all to really see what they are sending forth so that they can get off this treadmill of darkness and step back into the light. It is for you to send them your acquiescence that you are accepting of them and that they can step down off that treadmill and join you in the parade of Light. As it marches and dances across the planet in a joyful string of light it resounds and plays forth the melody of Love that sings so sweetly and purely of the love of The Creator. Everyone who hears it joins in the song through the natural occurrence of their return to the Light of Home.


I come to you this day to share with you that as you light your candles and string your halls with holly in these days to come you light them too for all of those who see not what is at the other end of their spectrum. With the love and compassion that you send forth for these ones who so desperately play their roles, you may see that as the times approaches for the holiday to declare itself in earth time, there may be a turning around of the energy of the momentum through the shadows. And a procession of events, small though they may seem, will begin to close the gap between the Light and the dark and announce the return to the truth of all of mankind.


How will you celebrate this year? Will you include in your prayers and meditations a Lighted place for those who are on that treadmill? This will bring you home to the love that you are, in a way that will speak to you of the oneness of all as never before. Give yourself and all of mankind the gift of completion of this knowing that opens the door and invites in the darkness to be transformed by your bright light. See the light from your house throw itself out of the door as you open it wide inviting in the stranger who waits with a heavy heart for the truth that will lift it out of its depression and into the joy of truth forevermore. You are that powerful, and so are all of them, when they allow their return to the intent for truth to Lighten their door.


I thank you all for listening! I see your Light and I am deeply moved.


Thank you dear Heather of the 7th Realm,

Love, Nancy Tate