Wakeup Call Message
November 10, 2006


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 Galactic Federation


When we bring ourselves to the shores of your understanding and good will, we do so with an amount of love and Light that stirs up the stars and magnetizes the heavens in our devotion to you. We bring all that there is to your door and we invite you to enter into our kingdom and remember who you are, and that it is your kingdom as well. With this unfailing love and devotion we see you bringing a great deal of truth to your world and the ability to discern that truth from what you see that is illusion.


Good day, we are the Galactic Federation, and we bring this message to you in order for you to see what it is that is taking place on your planet today. We see reflected in your eyes the very light that we emanate to you through our recognition of the light in you. As we shine that light back to you, we see how you have been attracted to the truth for so long, and have found one of the ways to live that truth in the finest way that you can.


It is not a matter of being open and allowing the truth to come, it is also a matter of seeing the truth as you guide it into the open for all to see. This you do through your actions and though your thoughts and words. It is a matter of allowing what is to be, and of seeing that what is, is a reflection of that which is not. In your way of thinking it is a time for truth to prevail, and in that truth the freedom of your world will come into being in a way that has not been felt before.


How is one to know and feel that freedom, if one has not experienced the opposite? Are you feeling entrapped by your own feelings of scarcity and lack of freedom? Perhaps this is what is coming forth in the changes that you see in your world now because you have finally begun to feel the wealth of information that is being expressed in the ideas of imprisonment. It is a matter of being able to see through the veil of entrapment what has been allowed to take place while you have been asleep.


Is it possible that in this time of change you have called for the enlightenment of seeing the truth about your freedom, and found that it is not as you thought? When you take a chance on being open and full of hope, you do so with the surprising revelation that you were not even aware that you are not free. Even in the realm of energetic happenings in which we reside, we have seen that to hope is the reflection of the fact that we live in entrapment, of our own design, and that all we need do is to release the idea that we need hope, and accept that which we truthfully do have.


This is the same for you, dear ones. When you feel that you are in need of something, know that you have withheld it from yourself with the idea that you do not have it. W are asking you to turn your way of thinking around and see that what you have been basing your ideas of manifestation on is the idea that you lack something. In reality the first thing that happens is that you are in a state of constant manifestation and then you begin to close that door on your self, which causes you to think that you are in lack.


This goes for the freedom that you strive for. You were created free, and you remain free until you think that you are not. Return to that feeling of being abundance, and watch how beautifully that fills up your life in every way that you see that abundance. You are the creator of that abundance through the desire and intent for all things you resonate with to be there through the uncovering of your ideas of lack. You bring the Light of truth to your ideas and wash away all the veils that cover your world.


We see todays world reflecting that very thing. As you awaken you begin to see how much you have covered up with your ideas and hope for something to come into your life, when in reality it is really already there. As you watch your freedoms erode and say to yourself that it is those out there who are causing this to happen, stop for a minute and remember when it was that you last felt that you had that freedom that you long for a return to. Then know that you have that freedom and that you have that ability to live it once again. Then follow that guidance that comes from within, in love and peace, to experience it, and watch your world reflect that freedom once again.


We know that you can do it, for you are one of us and we see how we could have lost our way had we exposed ourselves to the duality as you have. We see also how beautifully you are regaining your knowledge of who you are, and regaining and returning to the truth of your world. It is being reflected in your world as it is remembered within. You are powerful, and we see that you are returning to the truth of who you are. It is your journey, and because we are family, it is our journey too. We are here for you to guide and lend energy to for all that you do and for all that you ask.


We take our leave from this transmission and bless your day for the idea of your power and magnitude for all that you desire and intend for your life. It is a light indeed that you cast upon the smile we extend to you.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate