Wakeup Call Message
November 23, 2006


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When you go down the road and trouble jumps at your feet, the only thing to do is to love it away. There is only one way to address anything that comes into your life, and that is with love. When contemplating a series of social activities and nothing seems to gel, love it into submission and watch the results bring tidings of great joy. This is the way to bring all kinds of miracles into your life. This is the way to show your thanks for all that is taking place in your life right now.


Taking anything for granted is to see the limitedness of it. Knowing that life is always evolving is to see the newness and the potential for the evolvement of the planet and the life thereon. When you shoulder the responsibility of life, you do so with the ability to see life as a blessing rather than a curse. All of life is of your design, and as we take our blessings to our hearts we see the likelihood that all is coming together as we have designed and as we intend, not only for us, but also for the rest of the planet.


As we look around at what is taking place we do so with the knowledge that there is only one way to look at it, and that is that there are no accidents and no wrong events. All is in keeping with the authority of truth, and all is the undertaking of our collective soul. This may be difficult for some to swallow, considering how it looks on the outside. Consider for a moment that because we all make our choices on a level that resounds to the energies of others, can there not be perfection in all that takes place?


Would you have us tell you that the ones who are responsible for the outer actions are also responsible for the inner actions of all? This is one of the pitfalls of being out of sync with all of humanity and with Gaia. This is the result of believing that we are all separate and unto ourselves. Only those who are in partial connection with their oversoul are in the thought of separation. This too is in perfection, for we came here to play this game. We came here to see how it is to pretend that we are unto ourselves, apart from one another.


We know the lie that this thought represents. We know that one day we will awaken completely and recognize that there is no separation one from the other. We are all in totality, in agreement and accord. The harmonic that we set up will be in perfect harmony with the Creator, and we will know Home completely. We will recognize all that is, and will be joyful in the knowledge.


Now to bring that knowledge into our present day; now to know that oneness as our everyday existence and to live that unity as we go about our lives, moment by moment. This is the intention of the Creator within each of us. This is the order of the moment, and it is how The Creator Source of All sees us. With that light in the window we are allowed the way by which to come Home once again and know All to be us. We are complete, and in that completion is the gratitude that makes this Thanksgiving Day one of intense gratification for the ways in which we recognize and share that knowledge with all with whom we come into contact. It is a blessed day, and we are celebrating with you.


As you survey the activities that seem to bespeak the thought of separation, we do what we have sometimes done on other days that donít represent a day to pause in our everyday activities and give thanks. We find that there are things that give us pause and cause us consternation. We then take another moment to change that thought and give thanks for all of the light on the planet. We bath all of the planet in light, especially that which seems not to represent the light, and in so doing we render all light and love denying no one that blessing.


Come now to my embrace and feel the love that lives within. Know that as I love you, so too do you love yourself, therefore me. We give of each other in a way that bespeaks the kindness and gentle soul of all who love in the land of the shadows as well as the land of the Light. We give all of ourselves to the knowledge of The Source and we do so with all that we are.


Today marks the beginning of a whole new way of life on planet earth, and with this advent of deeper understanding and blessed events we take a moment to stand in Thanksgiving for all of the gifts of love that are being bestowed upon All There Is. Take within the nourishment of the feast and celebrate the bounty that has been bestowed upon us all. We join you in song and we celebrate the abundance of The Universe with all of you.


We are the Collective, and on this day we give thanks to all.


Thanks dear Collective, and Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us,

Love, Nancy Tate