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Wake up Call: Nancy, May 14, 2018


This morning is my time to share with you the latest realization I’ve had about Cassie’s passing and what it meant, as far as how it was part of a karma resolution. Yes, karma is something that not only humans experience, but pets as well. I’ve seen this in the dogs I’ve had over the years, and how they all merge together into the resolution of the karma of that aspect of me, on a soul level. Of the four aspects of my soul, I was told that the one named Bachari has been the one that comes to me in the dogs I’ve had throughout this lifetime.


Back in the late 60’s I was in my first marriage and had my two wonderful daughters and our dog, Jimmy. We lived in eastern Massachusetts, and were getting ready to move to Illinois, because of the new job my husband had. As we got in the car and began to back out of the driveway, suddenly I asked, “Where is Jimmy? He has to go with us!” My husband answered, “ He’s alright; the neighbors will take care of him.” At that time in many people’s lives, including mine, there was not the present knowledge of how to treat a pet, and how they can be such jewels in our lives. I wasn’t happy about leaving Jimmy behind, but I didn’t feel that I could do anything about it; I had to believe what I was told.


In the next several years living in Illinois, we had a small dog who died from the damage done internally from eating leftover pork-rib bones; we didn’t realize they would be dangerous internally. We took him to the vet, but he couldn’t be saved. We were heart broken.


The next dog we had was Bugle. We had moved to a town in western Massachusetts. Bugle was a small-mid size dog, and he was aggressive to people who came to the house; he tried to nip at their legs. We were always careful about people coming to visit, especially when friends of our girls came to the house. It was getting worse instead of better in the four years that we were there. When we were going to make a visit back to Maine to see my family at my parents house, one of our friends, who lived in the neighboring town, and we had kept in touch with over the years, told us that if we decided that we had to have Bugle put to sleep because of his aggression, then he would do it for us. We hoped that wouldn’t have to happen, but unfortunately Bugle bit one of our young nephews on his lower leg. That was the last straw for us; we just couldn’t handle anymore of this, so we called our friend, and he took Bugle out in the woods and kept his promise. My sister was not happy about any of it, even about having Bugle put to sleep. But we felt that we had no choice.


A few years later, in my second marriage, we had two dogs. Chance was a golden retriever-shepherd mix; she was the one who came into my life while I was still in my first marriage. I had answered an ad for this dog, and when I arrived at the gate of the home the people came to the gate to greet me. When I told them why I was there, they let the dog out of the house, and she came running to me, jumped up and licked my face in joyous welcome. I just had to name this dog Chance, because I felt it was my next chance to treat and train a dog right. She was such a happy, peaceful dog, with no challenge of aggression, etc.


After a few years, in my second marriage, we realized that she would benefit from having another dog to play with, so we adopted a dog from a dog-pound, and named him Lobo. He seemed to be quiet and sort of lost. We figured that with Chance we’d be able to cheer him up and give him a happy life. It did work for the most part. One of the things we did, when a friend suggested it, was to let him out of the pick-up truck we had as we were heading out to the road from our house. We lived two miles in on one hundred acres with a log house and goats, chickens, and a couple horses. They said it would give him some running time, and trust when we let him back in before getting to the road. We did that a few times, but he didn’t seem to like it, so we decided to just leave him at home inside with Chance, or to take them with us staying in the truck.


After a few years Chance was getting old in age, and one day we saw that she was not doing well at all. We realized we’d better take her to the vet to have her checked and see what we could do, if anything. That night it was difficult for us to leave her alone, but she tried to come upstairs and couldn’t manage the stairway, and went back to sleep downstairs. The next morning after my husband told me that she had passed, I went downstairs and laid with her, crying, hugging and whispering to her for about an hour. I just couldn’t bear loosing her. We berried her on the land that she loved.


After a few more years, my marriage had ended and I got the message from Spirit that it was time for me to make a move to the southwest. Lobo was still with me, in my new home in town, so I took him with me. In my early years of being our here in NM and AZ it was wonderful to have him with me. However, on of my trips back to visit my family in Maine, I realized that he was having problems with his age, and the trip back here would be too much for him, so I left him with my second husband. As I left him after hugging him and saying goodbye he looked at me so sadly. Two months after returning back here I got the news that Lobo had passed.


Toshiro was the next dog I had in my life. He was so wonderful, so happy to be with me, and I was overjoyed to have him. The first time he saw me he ran to the car I had arrived in to apply for a job to help out the woman he was with. He almost jumped in my lap as I opened the car door, and licked my face, just as Chance had done when she first greeted me. I got the job, and he would come to the door of the renovated school bus that was my living quarters, to see if I was up yet. When he saw that I was up, then he would go off into the yard and do his thing. After I left that job and moved into an apartment building that didn’t allow pets, one day the woman who had Toshiro contacted me and asked if I wanted Toshiro. She was in weakened health, and was going to move to CA, and she could not take him with her. When I asked the person who owned the apartment building if I could bring Toshiro to live with me, she said yes, she was now allowing dogs there. I knew Spirit was working with me.


It was a wonderful life he and I had together there, and then in the other places I lived and have been with my dear soulmate, Bob. When Toshiro had to be put to sleep, I stayed with him till I knew his soul had left the body, and it was time to join Bob in the car and ride away. As we drove away from the vets office, I had the vision of Toshiro’s soul singing and dancing and telling me that he was so happy to be released from his tired, worn out body, and that he would be back in our lives forever. He reminded me of Casper the Friendly Ghost, whom I had loved seeing the cartoons of in years back. That is why, four years ago, when we got our new dog, we named her Cassie. We named her that, rather than Casper, because these are the times when the feminine energy is being brought back more and more to equality here on earth.


Well, after all that history of the dogs in Bob’s and my life, and then Cassie, with her now on the other side of life, in a place we call heaven, I am writing this to bring to the front what I got from the soul of Cassie the other day. She helped me to see that her life was the answer to bringing the release of the karma of the aspect of my soul who is named Bachari. Looking back through most of the dogs in my life, and the experiences we’ve had, I realize that even pets have karma, just as the humans do. When I saw the image in a flash of her playing, and giggling on the land of the new place we plan to move to, I knew that the karma was all released and free. The experience that Cassie’s soul had in this lifetime will enable the return in the dog that I had the image of. I also feel that what our dear friend Zorra, told us was true, that it would be a pup that comes back to us.


I felt that this was another Wake up Call in our lives, as it has been for two or three new friends that we’ve shared this with in the last couple days since it came to me about the karma. We’ve met with them outside the gate on the street where we live and in response to their condolences about Cassie’s passing I’ve shared with them what came to me, and they agreed with me.


Love Is All There Is! As we send it all Love, we help to open up the transcendence of all of life. It helps us to get through all of the sadness and troubles that come our way. It brings us answers and new ways of looking at Life.


Love to You All!

Nancy Tate