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Wake up Call: Baldor, May 31, 2017


There is a time coming when all of the concerns that are present on the earth right now will be set aside and the solutions will be in place. That in itself will change all of the concerns to satisfied results of ease and peace on the planet. It will be as if these concerns had not been in place, but a mere medley of what it takes to bring oneself to a place of appreciation of what it means to be at peace, with joy, through the Love that is within and all around everything and everyone.

I look forward to this essence of having all in place and everything going to the music of freedom and honor that each person on the earth and within has for all of life. Yes, even the animals, insects, trees, plants, and all of life will be in harmony. This is coming dear ones, for I see in the essence of truth that it is in the process of coming for all of existence. You all are a part of this freedom of life.

I, Baldor am so happy to see that you are coming to that stage of life where you can see the pleasures that are in the process of being the way of life for all of you. I see that so many of you are either living it right now, or are taking the steps to bring it into your life and for those around you. Take a moment to look within and thank yourselves for the beauty that you are creating in your thought process and beyond. That is the energy in which the truth is brought to the front. Life is the perfection of what Love is all about.

I leave this message now to go and sit in the cloud of Love that you have already created, for it is so wonderfully full of promise for the coming essence of Love expressed, which has already been in progress.


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Baldor Message Excerpts #4 


Wake up Call, May 11, 04: Today we look into our skies and we see the armada of ships that are standing at the ready to sweep in and come to the assistance of the ones on your earth who are already there to begin the process of indoctrination into the solar tribunal of the galaxy. This will take place swiftly and with the merit that is essential to the sure and peaceful transition of earth to a light being of the universe.

You see, we of Orloff are living another dimensionality of your existence. Yes, we can now tell you of more of this inter-relation we have with you. That is why this one, who is my base aspect, is able to bring you these messages, for we are communicating within the same realm, and have the same parent energy.

Wake up Call June 14, 04: First we saw that there was a large awakening of a great many people on earth. Most of them were of the melee that is taking place in the area of the Holy Land. These people found themselves in so dire a set of circumstances that far removed them from the usual way of being on earth that they found themselves ceasing all activity of war and killing, and responded to a voice from within that told them to stop and feel the love that was rising within them.

You saw the end times here, and you witnessed the miracle that propelled us into another orbit that saved us from extinction and brought us to the understanding that we utilized to bring us to the evolution that we live in today.

Wake up Call: Baldor June 25, 04: Good morning my dear ones I am the intergalactic representative of the new body that is about to spring forth into your solar system, and that will be determined by the advent of your ascension. I am Baldor, and I come to you with news today of a promise that the celestial board has brought to us on Orloff. Our wildest dream and intent is to be realized, and we will become a true brother/sister planet upon your ascension.

You see, my friends, this is a universe that is in itís own throes of harmonic convergence. Your universe, that is about to become ours, is one that has endured many experiences of unrest and warring factions. It now is coming to a point where the in breath is outpouring all the garbage and the out breath will bring forth that garbage and throw it out into the light.

Wake up Call: Baldor July 08, 04: Today we shall address the concept of time in the interdimensionality of space and matter. This is a subject that warrants deeper understanding, for with that understanding comes the ability to open into other dimensions of communication. Let us begin with the idea that the world as you know it is a divine tool for the operation of your Divinity

As you further extend yourselves into this present energy of transmutation and ascension, you will find that there is a lot more in your closet and storage unit than you have ever conceptualized.

 Wake up Call: Baldor July 26, 04: My dear ones, I feel it is now time to reveal to you a bit more about who I am, and why I have come to this place at this time in history. I am from your future, and in the capacity of being an aspect of this one, I also am going to become the distant future personage of this one. In this timeline, there is much to do to result in this fact.


Now I shall address the subject of Orloff. Have you ever noted the similarity of the sound of Orloff to the sound of Earth? There is purpose in that, and it is because they are representing the same body, the same planet. The difference is in the timeline.

Wake up Call: Baldor July 27, 04: Family is an integral part of society, and when there is a strong and loving foundation built around families there is a strong likelihood that within that family is the sure ability to come together again and close that gap.

As you go about your days, and you find yourselves thinking of my words, pick up the phone, write a note and send it through the mail, write an email and click it to your estranged loved one. Then watch the return of a feeling of love well up inside you and present itself to you, even before you receive the possible response.


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