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Wake up Call: Baldor, May 30, 2017


Good morning, I am Baldor once again and I wish to say that I am impressed with what you all are doing. I know it is a mess in so many ways but you are helping to clear up the mess and bring to the refurbished planet the utmost peace, joy and Love essence that is to be seen and felt by all of life on the planet.


It is a way to let you all know that you are putting all of the pieces into places that they have not seen before. They will find the comfort and direct peace that is necessary for the harmony on earth to take place. As you all continue to grow in a way that is resonant with all of the universal energy of Love, you will find that your remembrance of your real history before coming to this planet has been in place in so many ways. It has been a puzzle in which the pieces keep being put around into places that change with the changing ideas that have been releasing the sameness that was keeping everything bound in a specific way. It is a way that brought on the power of the dark ones that brought the planet to the state it has been in.


Believe me my dear family, I have experienced so many ways in which you are now being able to make your differences and bring peace, joy and Love back to the power that it has in creating the kind of world that you will find is in harmony with all of creation.


Now today this one has included with this message and on the ‘Tree’ the number 3 messages and excerpts that will bring more clarity to your understanding of what you are experiencing in this moment in time. I give my Love to you so much, and I know that you are expressing your Love in so many ways. Blessings are upon you!


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Baldor Message Excerpts#3


From Wake up Call: Baldor July 10, 03: Good morning my friends, I am Baldor and I wish to come today with a message for all of you concerning a time of your history known as the revolutionary war. This war was fought in the United States and began with the shot that was heard round the world. Did you ever realize the seriousness of that phrase, and what it means today?

So here we are, back to the beginning. I watched and marveled at the beginning of your new world on the shores of what was to become the strongest nation in your world. These early declarations hold today, in the words you put down on paper. These papers are stored for antiquity and are being brought forward to the public memory and scrutiny once more.

From Wake up Call, September 23, 03: Today, I, Baldor, have seen a happening that I wish to comment on. This is an event that I see as a coming into battle of the forces of the darkness, and the surrender of those forces to the light.

What we find interesting is that the longer that we extend our position here in proximity to you, the more acclimated our energies become to you, and we are finding that with your speedy transformation to lightbodyness, we too are becoming less dense, according to your intent, and therefore the ability to become part of your universe is becoming truer and more likely.

From Wake up Call, September 26, 03: When I first started commandeering this position in representation of my planet Orloff, I did so with a long gathered expertise of information concerning this universe. Since our destiny, through our collective intent, is to become a member of your universe, I decided to become versed in all aspects of the universal orders and capabilities. 

I suggest that you all stand still in your love and feel the compassion that is within. Feel it for these misguided ones who are living in the fantasy land that they have created. They war with no substance.

From Wake up Call, October 09, 03: On another point, I would like to report that there is another glow in the heavens, and that is of the mass of ships that await their coming to your planet soon. They are intermittingly showing us all what they are accomplishing in their missions.

Another occurrence has taken place within these walls of love that are surrounding your globe. The beings who are in residence in these ships are readying themselves for this time. They are preparing to welcome some of you on board, and to explain to you of their cultures on their planets. They are eagerly awaiting this time of sharing, and they wish to make it as pleasant as possible for you.

From Wake up Call, October 21, 03: I am coming to you from a ship in the heavens, and I am going to tell you a story of what I see in the paradise of Earth known as the area around Mt Shasta.

I was there not long ago, and I met with the dignitaries from Telos and from various places around the globe. This was a meeting that took place in the halls of a chamber in the base of the mountain. I was there in my capacity as ambassador to the planet Orloff. Now you know that this is Baldor speaking.

From Wake up Call, November 26, 03: All of us are a part of the Creator. We come from the same spark, as you know. What you may not be aware of is that there are times when we all go back to that oneness with the Creator and experience that blissful oneness. That happens almost every night. Did you know that?

This is the nature of humans, to resist that which they do now know, even if it has the potential to bring about heaven on earth for them. All people alive on earth today do not remember what it was like to live in a free and just society. This is going to change, when the people start to awaken, and they see that the parts of this package that are designed to enable them to bring that freedom and justice into their lives are the very elements by which they used to live.


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