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Wake up Call: Baldor, May 27, 2017


I am Baldor once again, and I want to add a new message to today’s sharing. It is not very long, but it is pertaining to the message #2 of today. I am here to let you all know that there is coming an event that will top off all events that have happened thus far on this planet. When I say on I mean that succinctly, for there have been similar events such as the one of speak of that have taken place within this planet that have set an energy for the coming one that will have an effect that will resonate with the ones within Hollow earth. It is awaiting the synchronicity that will bring into harmony the justice of the continuation of life ‘in the free lane’ not only within the earth but for the first time in the history of the surface life.

That is all I will say now for to say any more could influence the solidity of what is coming and take from the sweetness that will have more power than if it had already been known. I tell you this today, for it is an introduction to the many events that will bring a harmonic conversion into many events that are on the way.

That is it for today’s introduction to the next combination of messages. Love is in the hearts of you all and it will merge forth in your own individual expressions as you feel the newness of what will be experienced in the times to come.


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate


Baldor Message Excerpts #2


From Baldor, August 28, 2002:

Once again, my dears, I wish to impart to you some of the intricacies of the culture we experience here on Orloff. There is a certain knowledge that goes beyond experience, and is the type of knowledge that sings through the ages of the many lifetimes in which we experience the Deity of our senses.

To comprehend the message I am about to impart is to stretch your imagination beyond the point at which you comprehend your world today. For in this stretching comes an avenue that can open a door in your world that has been waiting lo these many years for your entrance.

Wake up Call: Baldor April 11, 03: 

When we proceed with the game, it as if there is a great bouncing ball that we are carrying down the field. It is passed from player to player through the rigors of the intellect; and the object of the play is to outwit the other in the use of the senses and the intuitive processes.

We found through our natural progression of evolution that there is much merit to making play of technological advancement, for within that play there is an innocence that releases barriers to new creation and inspiration. There is an openness that results from these games, and since we don’t regard anyone a loser, there is no hold on the ideas that spring forth.

From Wake up Call: Baldor June 12, 03:

Today there is an event going on, on Orloff that supersedes all other. It is an event that takes us to the top of our world and keeps us there all day long. This is an event that brings home the idea of living in authority, and keeping our lives in perfection and peace for all times.

In a way, this is what you are involved in right now. It is not the same, though there are adjustments you will be making for your lives when you are on the other side of the shift. Indeed, you are already undergoing early changes in which you are finding yourselves feeling topsy-turvy, and not knowing how to respond.

From Wake up Call: Baldor July 02, 03:

There once was a person who lived in the inner city of Orloff that was the constituent to your own nation’s capital. This city was called Adverbum, and it served the nation in a way that was both righteous and domineering. This was a place in which the total population was under an iron thumb, and the forces of the dark were prevalent. This was very much run like the district that now houses your buildings of government and the home of the highest position in the nation.

The man bent and laid his hand on the owner’s head. He could feel a slight growth of the mane that grew from this man’s memory. He whispered two words into the mans ear, “In love.” And then he disappeared.


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