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Today's Wake up call was a surprise to me, and as Baldor said at the end of this message, "That is why I am here this day, and why this one, a couple days ago, thought of bringing the information to you all in the coming communications she brings forward." I feel this is another example of how it is good to pay attention to some things that come to you. In the next several days I will be sending out excerpts from the chapters of the messages I received from Baldor over the years. The complete chapters are available on the Tree of the Golden Light Gift Shop. I feel that they will bring some clarity, or recognition to the example they bring to what is taking place in our world today. Today's addition of his messages includes his Bio.


Wake up Call: Baldor, May 26, 2017


There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is good to step aside and then look at the place you were in a moment ago. How does it feel; how does it look; does it tell you something you hadn’t thought of, or something that you didn’t want to think of, or remember? It is a time in everyone’s life when the course of miracles comes closer and more dear to the hearts of everyone who takes a moment and considers what they have created. Is it something they were aware of when it took place, or was it something that gave them a feeling of insight and accommodating dreams that were never fulfilled?

It is a time for fulfilling any of the dreams that have been with you in any circumstance and any surrounding events that took place but not as they were meant to be, or seemed that way. It is time now for a new idea to come, and then be acted upon in a way that represents the ability that you have to create in the moment what that idea was there for. It may have been something that was meant to show you what you thought was a good idea, but that turned out not to be what you hoped it would be for you. It could have been something that brought the opposite of what you thought it would bring, or something that you didn’t realize you actually wanted on an inner level and hadn’t asked for in the usual way.

That is why it is a good idea to look at what you think you want and see how it would look and feel in the coming moment and further. Is it something that actually feels and looks like what is the perfect answer, or is it something that would solve a present moment, but not work out what would come from the circumstances that were behind the scenes?

This is a time when the only circumstances that are the best are the ones that feel good for the moment and that bring a shining example of how it would work out in your inner vision. It is a time for you all to go to the extremes in your thoughts and ask yourselves if the result of that extreme is what is the best for you. Is it the answer for the over scheme of things, or is it the way to progress through the insight you have for what it really means in the progress it will bring about?

I am Baldor, and I am here to see what it is that you all feel in the ideas of what is in store for you all. I am one who has been with you through all of this in a parallel world that you have been a part of creating, along with me and all of the others on the planet Orloff. It is a time for this one to re-introduce the news of the parallel world to this world that you are creating. It could give you a new perspective of what creation is all about and how you are such a vital part of it.

I will leave now so that this one, Nancy can take the time to bring forth the information that she received several years ago and shared with those who were connected to her works. It is an interesting parallel, and could bring you ideas and recognition to how you are creating the world that is today. Your part in it is as powerful as anyone else’s. That is why I am here this day, and why this one, a couple days ago, thought of bringing the information to you all in the coming communications she brings forward.

Love is the answer for everything. You live it and you find the truth of it in every moment.


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate


Here below are some excerpts from the first folder of the Baldor messages:


From the Baldor Bio: Hello, I am Baldor, and I have experienced several of my last embodiments on the planet Orloff, a planet that exists on the periphery of your universe. I am an aspect of this one, Nancy, who brings these messages to you. In the field of aspects there is an undergoing that embraces the uniqueness of the individual. Souls aspect themselves for the purpose of experiencing a larger degree of expression. In doing so they embody completely separate identities, or remain in the etheric, experiencing and being of service to those on earth.

My existences on Orloff started before the planet was expelled from its mother universe; therefore I have spent many lives there before the last string of them. I have learned much about the process of being able to be self-sustaining because of the precarious position we on Orloff found ourselves in after the propulsion.

From Baldor, May 29, 2002: There was a time before we were expelled from our universe, that we expressed our resentments and outrage against the control we felt necessary for the way of life we were attempting to establish. We were so deeply entrenched in the negative energy that we couldn’t see the light that stood just out of sight. Our vision only reached to the battlefield, and no further. 

Your confederation has been working with you through what they in their wisdom know, and what we have shared with them to assist you to avoid the fate we have experienced. We ask that you pay them heed when they show themselves to you collectively.

From Baldor, August 1, 2002: Sports as you know them, are non-existent here. Our sports are enjoyed as a means to improve our lot in life. Oh, we derive great pleasure from the games. We pat each other on the backs with the comradeship that rings in everyone’s hearts.

With that last word, Lord Gonaicka left the field and disappeared into the crowd. He was never seen again, but his beingness was represented in every heart in every person on the planet. A miracle happened that day. A vision was realized. 

From Baldor, August 23, 2002: This journey I take is into the momentum of the planetary movement called residual extreme co-lapse. This is a degree of solitary combustion within the travels of inter-stellar energies. To make it clearer, I will rely on the vocabulary of this one.

One of the measures we took was to re-use the handguns that were fired with rays of flame, into instruments that were used to cauterize wounds. The flames were of a property that was derived from our sun, and concentrated to a point that all the destructive elements were extracted in a way that left only the rejuvenation properties of the flame. It was a cool light that immediately restored the area of the wound to its original state.

From Wake up Call: Baldor, April 16, 03: The story begins with a testimony to the validity of the beings that have started this huge endeavor. It states that there was once a race of people who came to earth and populated it by genetically altering their original state. It tells of the other race that came and did the altering, in order for them to have a Peoples to order around and manipulate to their end.

This is the way of the light and dark of the spectrum. This is the way of the totality when it becomes unbalanced. When the darkness of a person takes over the light, and the fear sets in, there is a weakness of the innate knowing and strength that the light provides.


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