May 13, 2016


Wake up Call: Billy Ester, May 13, 2016


I am here this morning to bring you a tale of what can be working around the world in as little as 14 seconds. All it will take is for you to see what it is in your lives that you desire and intend and then know it is already in the works. How long it takes is not the answer; it is the situation in which the arrangement for it to come into your physical life that is in the works.


I am Billy Ester, and I come to you on the outskirts of this world in a place that conceives of the ideas that come and the attention that is given to those ideas. It is a place in which you all have creation abilities and in which you have come in your dreams to begin the works that are in progress as I speak. It is a matter of you giving those ideas your power and being able to see and feel what it will take to bring about the creation of them in the way that you intend for them to come into your life.


I speak of this because it is a part of what you are developing in the background. Have you awakened in the morning, or even part way through your nightís sleep, and wished that you could remember what you were dreaming just before you woke up? This is what you are doing in your sleep-time to be a part of the creation of that idea that is in the works. Sometimes it involves the revisiting of past lives in which the ideas were born and lived in ways that you desire to change. Sometimes they have been created in the present lifetime and you see the value of bringing them forth in your own way, not in the ways that others brought them into your lives.


It is an interesting stream of events that can influence what you live in the present moment. What it is can bring you to a more solid understanding of how it can benefit you to be able to change certain facets of what you created before, or that others created, and see how it can be so powerful for you in itís new way of speaking in the present moment.


This is what is taking place as I speak through this one, for she has been contemplating what her next move in her ascension will be. It has been something that she has been working through in her nighttime. It is in her dreams that tell her and reverberate throughout her inner knowing just what it will be for her in the coming experiences on the earth. This is what so many of you have been experiencing in the past months or more, for it is that expression that represents the power that you all have for bringing about that which you intend for your coming experiences as well as the ones of the moment. One moment feeds the next and influences what you may desire for the expression of how you will be ascending in the oneness of all of life.


With these words I come to a close for this day. I am part of what you would call the middle, evolutionary process that you are all experiencing. There are many of us who have come to this place and have found it to be part of our journey in this oneness that we all are feeling. We are taking our place in the rapture of the moment and in that I say that we are so pleased that we have all agreed to the various roles that we have all volunteered for in these times of acceleration. We see the value of living the Love of The Creator, and we are living it in the way that we see most powerful for the Oneness in expression that all of life is. Enjoy your day and the rest of the journey for it is of your making with the power that you have in the Love that you are.


Thank you so much dear Billy Ester,

Much Love, Nancy Tate