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Happy Mother's Day dear Mother Earth, and all of you Beautiful Mothers Around the World!

Last night I was led to find a Wake up Call from my collection of them; I was led to go to the one from April 28, 2006.  As I read it, I realized how appropriate it would be for this Mother's Day of 2016, for it is a celebration of our dear Mother Earth, an example of the perfection of the feminine energy that is transcending upon and from within her body, and life. I felt the finale response this morning to send it out with a song to listen to after you read the message that we are all awakening to.  I have included the link  at the bottom of this message to click and listen to the song,  'Faithfully', which I sang and recorded on on Friday, May 6, 2011.


Wake up Call: Avenda, May 08, 2016; originally April 28, 2006

As we go through life we gather to us many things of joy and of value. One of those things is the love that we feel for others and that they reciprocate. This is one of the most valuable energies on earth and in heaven, for with this exchange we can move mountains and create miracles. I invite all of you to think of a person who brings you the most negative feelings, and then to put that person in a beautiful beam of love-filled light, with colors that soothe and inspire the soul.
After you have done that I invite you to continue on down the line of those with whom you have a feeling of disgust, hate, dislike, whatever the negative feeling may be, and put them into that same beam of love light. Allow these ones to be totally emerged into that light and as you do, feel the love that emanates forth from The Creator, for with that love comes healing for the whole planet.
It is easy to love someone with whom you have a cherished and open relationship. But how about the ones whom you would see banished forever from your life? How do you regard them when you think of the world as a whole? How do you feel in your heart and soul? Tune in to your body and see what it is telling you about how you feel. Is your body hurting in any particular place? Is it making you sad, or angry and or is it screaming at you to take the headache, or any other ache away. Does any malady that you may find persistent crop up in these times of thinking of those ones whom you want to be gone from your world?
If any of this is so, then put those ones back in that love light and then ease into the love that comes from that light. Now how does your body feel? Is it screaming at you, or is it feeling relieved and rested? Does it feel healed and whole? Is it whispering thank you, for you have found the answer to your pain? This is a valuable exercise for you to go through. With this experience you can cure some of your aches and pains before they enlarge and bring on more maladies that can take over the peace and wellness that can come from engaging in too much negative energy.
I am not saying that you would do well to join these people with whom you have shared the experience. I am saying that to hold them in love light for a time, and then to bring back that feeling whenever you think of them, read about them, see them on the screen, you will be doing yourself a service by bringing back that feeling. You will be doing a service for humanity as well. Do you think that they suffer whenever you feel unkindly or in anger towards them? The degree of what they feel is miniscule compared to how it affects you and your body.
Your body thrives on love; it builds an energy of wellness every time you support the love in your thoughts. With this love energy your body lights every cell, and rejuvenates what may have been weakened through the effects of the world. You can prolong the life of your body by bringing the light in and living it. You can weaken your body by not allowing the light to speak to every cell of your body.
I suggest that you give this exercise a try for a couple of weeks. Do this every time that you think of it, and support that exercise by your intent to allow only light thoughts into your mind. At the same time, if you should slip and find yourself thinking negative thoughts, having feelings that do not represent love, forgive and go on. The best way to wellness is to always be in acceptance of what is and go on from there.
I see that you all know this that I have told you. You are angels of light, after all. However I see that with the activities that are taking place in the world today, you may be slipping a bit from time to time. This is Avenda giving you a reminder to take care of yourselves and in so doing you add to the emergence of a society that supports one another. As this happens anything that does not support and live the light falls away and is gone forever. This is accomplished by you and any of your activities done in love, and in the sovereignty that is you.
Remember this and know that as you go through life you accomplish more through one loving thought than a dozen thoughts of what to do to rid the world of the scoundrels who do their dastardly deeds and then do more. Focus on what is light in the world and know that as you do, anything that is not light shrinks from the power of that light and is swallowed up in its own juices of negativity.
This means that as you do your work with Spirit, you do it in a way that generates feelings of power and love. You do it in a way that makes you feel one with The Creator. You do it with the knowledge that you bring light to bear in all that you do, and that takes care of itself in a most spectacular way. You move mountains of crud from your world. You bring in the cleansing rains that leave the world sparkling and new. You allow the children of the world to speak their simple, pure words of love that cannot be denied. You create rainbows from which no one who does not see their beauty can escape the effect that is brought upon them.
Have you ever gazed upon a rainbow and had a fearful thought? Quite the contrary; it has tickled a place within that takes a moment and thanks The Creator for this wonderful gift of life, this life that gives one the opportunity to make choices for love or for fear. And here you have made your choice and you know what a wonderful choice you have made. For here is love and here is wellness, and here is a life everlasting and lived in the love that perpetuates well-being and a feeling of love throughout eternity.
Go now and fill your day with love and see how wonderful you feel at the end of the day. I love you and I support your every move. I Am your sister, and I live to see this world immersed in love and radiating out into the universe.
Thank you dear Avenda,
Love, Nancy Tate

Click Here for the Song, 'Faithfully'