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Wake up Call: Nancy, May 25, 2015


I woke up this morning, in the last few days of bronchitis, feeling a bit down and tired. I ate very little breakfast and then came upstairs to my computer. One of the emails led me to the Elvis song 'Amazing Grace' and the next was 'My Way'. They were both so inspiring and found their way into my heart. That led me to see probably the last concert he did, and very last song he did, back in 1977. (See the links below)


This brought me into a place in which I went back in life to my days of growing from a 3-4 yr old, to a young wife and mother. A lot happened in those times, and lots was experienced to teach me how to live my life according to the circumstances, and according to how others taught me through their example.


What I realize now is that was not wrong, it was the way it was, and it taught me what it took for me to enjoy my life the best way I know how. To begin with I was open to who I truly am, but I was conditioned to close up to that truth, as so many of us were. I thought that the world I was living in was the only world there was, that everyone knew. In one respect I was right. That was our world that we created. That was the world that we were living in and spent our days creating.


After exploring my memories of Elvis, I then went into my email to read the latest Poof and Zap information. What I experienced there brought me back to those days I just spoke of, the world that we created growing up. For me it was a world of small town life. As a child and teenager, most of my summers were spent outside with friends having fun playing, swimming getting together and talking, sharing with each other, getting back home in time for lunch and supper.


Some of those days were also spent with family. I had a wonderful family, of good size. Holidays were spent with my grandparents who lived 6 miles up the road in a big 2-story house. The dining room table filled with 10-12 adults, and the smaller kitchen table held all the kids. When the meal was over the men would go outside and laugh and talk with each other, while the kids played ball, or hide and seek. The women stayed inside to clean up the dishes, food, etc. Much easier to do on their own, rather than try to make sense of how the men would offer to help them. They knew what they were doing, and I'm referring to the men as well.


The small town life can evolve, just as all of life does. We can experience that same kind of life in the new way of being. We can use the cell phones just as we did the wall phones, or the conversations that we had with each other. We can use them to a point where we realize that we don't need them, to constantly be walking around with them at our ear. They wouldn't stand the water taking them over at six feet under as we go swimming at the park. No water where you live? How about standing with a bat in your hand and a phone in another? Would the phone withstand being hit and bouncing onto the ground in pieces? What would that tell you to do, get rid of the bat, or the phone?


This tells me that it is at an epoch of time where we can ask ourselves, is what we're doing with our lives coming from a place that is making us feel good about ourselves, or is it something that we have been programmed to do? Are we hearing in the background the same thing that was heard back in the days 20-50 yrs ago? What did we hear from our parents after a day of playing with friends, swimming, etc? Did we hear that it is better to stay in the house and help with the daily chores? Or did we hear that we'd better get outside where we get sun, and fresh air, and playtime which was good for us?


We know how times do change. I've seen in the community of Patagonia how lots of what is taking place has it's own feeling of the old hometown, and yet has much of the feeling of no time past, or passed. There are lots of cell phone users here; there are lots of people who get out of the house and walk around with friends, their dogs, and some family members. The school is very active and the children are here and there, doing what comes naturally to them. Here you ask, what does come naturally to them? These are signs of the changing times, that is, some ways do not change; they evolve into the same kind of energy of being together and being one, in what they like to do.


Does that sound like I am getting into how life has changed to something that is different from what it was, and needs to be changed to a better way of being? I think not. I see this town, and I'm sure so many other, that are living in the energy of now, and then, and to be, just as it always was. If you see that, then you must see that nothing is wrong with the progress we're making. It is a matter of creating life and learning from what we do and experience. It is all about looking at how the world is now and asking what we feel like doing right now that will make us feel good about ourselves, and then the rest of the community and world.


Do we want to be a part of the community and how they choose to live, or do we look at the rest of the world as our community and see how we want to be a part of it. There is no difference, or only one level. We are all part of the community, no matter the size and the number of people. Whatever makes us feel good about our decisions suits us, and the community. We can focus our choices on the town we live in, or on any part of the rest of the world, including all of it. It will be in perfection for us, and for them all.


It can be amazing what comes to any of us when we experience something that gives us the quiet time to look at our lives and consider what we have chosen for it. Where do our choices come from, and are they the same ones that we come to after the 'quiet time' fades away, and we once again are ready to move on to our next choices? Are they still the same ones we made before the 'quiet time', or do they have a different venue? All we need do is let it go. Let it be what it will be, and play with it, swim and climb trees that are golden and flowing. Be in the best moment that we create for ourselves, and know that we are in the perfect place of the moment right now, right here.


That's the gist of what I've been feeling this morning after waking up with a down feeling. That has been replaced with a feeling of, "I know how to make my world feel better than it does right now!" and having done it. To sit and write your heart out, or to sing, when my voice gets ungraveled, are for me the best ways to return to my Peace, Joy and Love of life. I love my Wake up Calls, for I share them with all who care to see. Thank all of you for who you are, the Creators, getting along together as a community in the creation of this wonderful world that we are evolving as I speak.



Thank you all my dear Family,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



Elvis, My Way

Elvis Presley in concert - june 19, 1977 Omaha

Elvis Presley last song ever 1977