May 12, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Mushaba Team, May 12, 15


We are here once again to bring you some information that has to do with the times that are happening on earth in this moment of adjustment. We say adjustment because events that are taking place around the globe are setting in place new ways in which to live on this evolving planet. It is a time for all of you to be able to comprise what has been, and then see the different ways in which those old times have been set in place to bring about a change that will bring you all different results. These results will be heart warming and powerfully able to bring about more balance in your lives. They will help you all to see the ways in which you can change the ways in which you can make instant decisions that will represent the power of positive thinking.


It will begin a new surge of life-changing ways of living in all parts of the globe. You will see how quickly the new ideas can converge into the powerful things that bring about a more peaceful way of living. It will also result in much healing of not only the people, but of the planet as well. The lands, the insects, the animals all will become more in tune with all of the people, and each other. There will be incredible changes that will not only affect the way the planet looks, but the way everything will begin to come into harmony with all of life.


Take for example the way that animals have been co-operating and communicating with each other. Now realize that you have been seeing how they are also becoming more in touch with you. We know, for we have seen it in your eyes and in your spirits, that you are aware of the changes that are taking place. You are becoming more and more able to communicate with them in a way that allows them to be in your lives, yet no part of the danger that they have represented in the past.


As this increases, you will see that your whole lifestyles will take on changes that could represent the foods you choose, the way in which you choose to build homes and towns, the ways in which you decide to spend your leisure time in nature, and so many other ways. It will be a road less traveled in the idea of taking from, rather then being with in peace, joy and Love.


We see now how it has already begun for so many of you, and how it will continue to build in a way that is easy and in harmony with not only the planet, but beyond. There will be more and more sightings and recognitions of the ships from throughout the universe that will come to the remembrances of those who are ready to step forth into the newness that is right around the corner for some, and right in front of those who have been ready for some time. It is Now dear ones. What is coming for you will be recognized as the beginning of the new ways you will be creating on earth, for the expressions in which you will be traveling throughout the universe. That is when you will find the ease and a welcome back to the inner knowing that you will have awakened to. The journey to the New-Nowness is upon you. Welcome! We dance up the road Together.



Thank you dear Mushaba Team,

Much Love, Nancy Tate