May 06, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Mushaba Team, May 06, 15


Today is a day in which many of you will find the truth to be that which you've been searching for. You will find through various ways the truth that will set you free. It will open up your soul to the vastness of who you are and what you are here for in this lifetime and beyond. As you allow this new found freedom from within to explore that which you have been searching for, for so long, you will realize that it was a right in your beingness for all of this time, and that your lifetime has been one you chose in order to clear out that which you have been carrying for so long.


It isn't necessarily from one previous lifetime or two, but from many lifetimes, that have come back to be worked through and learned from. As you see the clarity in which you have been released you will also see what it is that is in your coming adventures that will be so free-feeling and grand. It will be the example of how you can create in the moment in a way that is open and wonderfully satisfying for your life.


We speak now of the oncoming times without the old idea of time. As so many ideas, words and actions are elevating themselves at this moment in expression, you are finding that there is an unlimited number of ways in which you can present examples of how you are able to bring forth the joy, peace and Love in your life that you may have been searching for. It is now, you will feel, right on your shoulders in a way that is warm feeling and light. It is patting you on the back for the freedom that it has given you. As you look at this new lightness you are experiencing, you will realize that it is part of the real you, and coming from the various aspects of yourself that have been set free and allowed to come back into your wholeness once again.


We are Porda, Marada, and Mushaba, sometimes known as the Mushaba Team, and we are here today to celebrate what we are seeing in so many of you. We see that there are others of you who are on the brink of rediscovering yourselves, and that is such a sweet and fabulous way to be. We love what is taking place around the globe and within all of you. It is coming through in various ways and degrees of manifestation in what you are destined for, it is the wonder of all of you to be able to create that which you know on a soul level that you can bring into your life.


We now take our leisure and sit back and enjoy your easy times and enjoyable experiences in this journey of Love and creation in which you are the Creators. Such a wonder before us to see and feel the joy that you are experiencing in your lives! Remember that even though the world is experiencing such upheaval in some respects, it can also be seen as a moving out and transferring of the old idea of chaos to the new and present reality of clearing out and creating a peaceful and free new existence on planet earth and all through the universe. Yes, what you are experiencing and creating here is having its uplifting effect on all of the universe and beyond. There will be examples of what we say in the expressions to come. Know that you are the root of all that is moving and creating in Love and it will always be in the Oneness of us all.



Thank you dear Mushaba Team,

Much Love, Nancy Tate