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Wake up Call: Marada, May 04, 2015


There is something that is taking place as I speak and it will affect people all around the globe. It is an event that is behind the scenes and when it is exposed it will ring true for so many people, for it will be what resonates in their hearts as well as their minds. As I speak of this I also tell you that when this does come into the open it will be a defined change on how life is lived in so many ways on earth. It will be the beginning of a whole new paradigm not only in the eyes of the beholders, but in the hearts of them too. It will explain to them why there has been this chaos taking place in so many areas around the globe.


When this all comes out into the open it will have a huge effect on how life is lived on the planet. What I speak of is that so many of the movements that have begun will have a backing up in many ways that will make what the people are doing in these movements easy and fun as well. It will be a token that will appease everyone because they will see that there is no stopping the return of this planet to its pristine beauty and clarity.


I may sound to some of you like a bringer of yet more promises that are not being kept. That is because it is beyond what you have heard about, or thought could be in the limited reality of which you have become accustomed. What I, and others as well, are helping you to prepare for in our various messages, is that there is coming a dream fulfilled that so many of you have had and spoken and read about. Yes, there is a land beyond the reality in which you have created the populace that is now moving up from the duality into the newness of the creation that you have set into place. You have done that in the energy of The Creator, for that is what you are made of. You are an individual part of The Creator and this is one of the many results of that awakening to who you are.


As I bestow these truths unto you, I do so in the energy of the Mushaba Love Essence. I do so as the one who has spoken with you before in the last few weeks. I am Marada and I come once more to enlighten you as to the power you all have to change what you feel is not in harmony with your way of being in truth and Love for all of life on your planet Earth. You are beginning the new journey through your manifestations of what you see as the fulfillment of your new way of living in the totality of who you are and what you are capable of.


You will be traveling throughout the universe and meeting more and more of your celestial family. It will be a gradual increase of your awakening to who you are and what you are now creating in this wondrous journey that has just begun in the past few creations that you have brought to your lives. I speak now of the absence of time, as you have known it. It is now a lessening of the idea of time, and more into the expression of intent in harmony will the All.


As the next expressions come about in your newness you will see examples of which I have been speaking. You will understand why events have come and gone and created new steps along the way to create that, which is in harmony with all of you. It will be as if it never was not in harmony. The love that you are continuing to feel will rise and clear away all of the debris that has accumulated along the way. It is a wondrous journey that you are creating! I welcome you to our Love Essence and when I speak of our, I speak of the Oneness that we all are. Welcome Home dear family, for we are on the threshold that invites us all to the Unlimited Way Home.



Thank you dear Marada,

Much Love, Nancy Tate