May 20, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Benedictine, May 20, 15


I am here today to call to you all and let you know that there is coming a time when you will recognize me and remember the good times we have had together. We jointly planned this experience of earth, and as we went into the thoughts of it materializing we had no idea as to how it would all work out. That is because we had not gone there before, and when that sort of thing happens, even the future does not represent the boundlessness that has been created in this experience here on earth.


As I say this, I shall introduce myself. I am Benedictine, the universal traveler that came originally from the first universe through the Mushaba energy. Yes, you remember me from the history of events on earth, and as I speak through this one, I do so with a great deal of Love and gratefulness. It is some time that I have been preparing for this communication, and now it is at a point in your evolvement that it is appropriate for me to share some things with you.


First, I want to tell you about the oncoming events that you will be creating. I cannot give details, because those are what you will be creating, along with the energies of the Mushaba Love Essence, which has grown to this point now in which you are ready to express it. Yes, I say that you are ready, and that means that you have turned a corner. You will be seeing much more that will inspire you to certain steps in the ascension of your lives to the new expression of humanity.


Secondly, you will be coming to the planet Mushaba in different stages once you have gone into the Inner and Hollow Earth. In that stage of your new development you will be regaining the knowledge of who you are, and what it was that you were a part of in the preparation for this earth experience. It will give you guidance as to what to do in the coming expressions and what it can bring to the rest of the universe.


Yes, it has only just begun, this new endeavor. I have been giving this one several notices as to my being ready to speak through her, and today, she asked what the ticking was about that she has been hearing while alone in her computer room. I could not come to her, until she was ready to hear this, and through her response from her soul presence, she knew it was time.


This sort of thing is what will be taking place for so many of you in the coming experiences. As it comes in it's various ways, it will open up new doors of communication for you. That will bring about the new openings that you will find most welcome, and interesting. Till then, you are preparing yourselves for the road less traveled in order to bring it into the evolvement of the road all traveled, to the new expressions that carry what you have accomplished and learned from this duality experience.


I will leave this conversation now and will return again when it is appropriate for the next piece of information. I am so pleased to have come to your presences and to be in communication with you all. I have Loved what I have been seeing from all of you who are ready for this information. At some point it will be out there in the open and it will trigger the remembrance of our long time connection. Till then, know that I am so happy to be able to bring this forward. I love all of you.


Thank you so much Benedictine,

Much Love, Nancy Tate