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Addition to todays message: I received this from a dear member, Darlene, of my Golden Light list. As I watched and listened to it my eyes filled with tears and my heart knew this was meant for all of us. It was agreeing with what my vision this morning was saying to me and all of us. "I WON'T GIVE UP!"

Jason Mraz "I Wont Give Up" with Daryl Hall, youtube video.

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I awoke this morning with Cassie on the bed, playing and waking Bob and I up, as she does every morning. I was still in between asleep and awake and I just lay there observing them, and yet still in that half-awake place. Suddenly I saw the essence of Cassie just above her neck and head. Then immediately there was another essence just above the first one. I knew right away what it was on one level, and as I came into the realization of who it was I began to bring that knowing into an interpretation that I knew I would be able to share with all of you.


The first essence I saw was Cassie’s soul image, and the second one was the essence of Bachari. Bachari is one of the three aspects that were created from my essence in this lifetime, and beyond.  Soon after Toshiro came into my life, I was told by spirit that Bachari speaks through him. Now that Cassie is here with the soul of Toshiro, Bachari is speaking now through her.


When I saw the second essence, I lay there, in the process of being able to put to words what I knew. I realized that this was an example of what it is in all of existence. In the beginning there was the Creator Source, God of all. Then the Creator brought forth the essence of the intent for expression and experience of itself. That essence then, through the origin of itself created its own expression for the experience it could bring to itself. This is the example and the essence of how it has been throughout the Creation of all of the expression of Life.


What inspired this from the Creator Source was the Love it was created from in expression. Love is the powerful Force that emits forth itself in the expression of creativity that is inherent in all of us, in the freedom that we have, to experience anything that we intend for the growth of our own story in the vastness of our existence and the power that is coming from the source.


I was told back in 2002 when I worked with Bob to create the Tree of the Golden Light, that I morphed off from me three aspects of myself in order to experience more of myself and my abilities to create in the essence of my Source. Those aspects were Lotar, Baldor and Bachari. You can read what I wrote about them here:


What I saw this morning gave me a deeper sense of what I already knew and yet needed to be able to understand on a deeper level. I saw that this beautiful expression of myself in Cassie, who also came from Toshiro, and several other dogs in my life, also has experienced and will continue to experience other essences of itself as we go along in life and create more of the expression of who we are.


What a wonderful example of who we all are! This beautiful gift that I received this morning from Creator Source, on through the essence of Cassie is why I have been told so often when I have asked my guides how I can share with others what I have learned. The answer has always been, “Through your example.”


We all bring to ourselves, and each other the prime example of what it is that originated this experience and why we are here in so many examples of who we are and how our origins express in the many ways that we do. This applies to today’s world as much as it does in the first examples of the wholeness of the Creator. We all bring into our lives that which we choose to experience and as we do this we show ourselves the extremes of what Love is and what the creation of fear brings us in the appreciation of Love. In today’s world we are giving ourselves so many opportunities to express in the knowingness of our abilities that come from the original life force, which was termed the Mushaba Force in the first universe. We have brought to our lives so much that now that Mushaba energy has now evolved to the Love Essence of Mushaba and we are the creators of that newness of ourselves. In that essence also is the ability we all have to bring about the creation of the Love in expression of anything that we desire and intend for our lives.


The realization that just came to me was that this gift to me from our wonderful new family member, Cassie, is in purpose for the next step in my life. It is also for all of our lives in the coming expressions that we all bring to our lives. For me to see both of those beautiful essences of the Oneness of Cassie was for me the eye-opener that I felt to share with all of you. We can bring about anything that we desire and intend for our lives. Each of us has our own idea of what the prefect life can be. As we combine that idea with those of others around the globe, we create a most interesting story. It is in progress and we are bringing about a most interesting road that we travel.


I go now to be part of bringing about a breakfast experience with Bob, Cassie and our dear friend who is visiting us here in our home. Look to this example of life as we know it and see it as the life that we all are creating in harmony with one another. It is all Good, and it is all in creation for all of Existence. Peace, Joy, and Love are all here for each other. Walk through it all in that Essence.


Love to you all,

Nancy Tate