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I come to you today to honor the position that you and many others are in right now. We see you all taking a lot of time to bring to the public the truth of what is taking place in the world. As you gather the information that is going to set you all free, you do so with a huge amount of love. This is what is bringing it to a closure. As it comes to that, it will speak for itself of the power you all have and the love that you know is important for the coming together of the times that reflect the freedom that you will be living in.


As I look over my shoulder and see what has been in your world I see that there is so much that has already been taken care of through your energies of love and joy. You all know how important it is to live in love, peace and joy. You know that is the only way to achieve that, which is about to burst forth upon your lives. I commend you all for what you have been able to accomplish, and for giving of your time and energies to clear away the debris that has mounted.


I now address another, more personal thing, and that is the newness that the Tree of the Golden Light has launched today. With the ten year celebration that has been announced there is an ongoing desire by its creators and supporters to bring the truth to the masses. As this takes its course it brings a great deal of love into the lives of those who create it and those who benefit from it in their connections with it.


When you open up the page with the beautiful glowing image, it speaks to you of the mountain it shows. The colors in the image are constantly beaming forth the energies from the Inner and Hollow Earth and from the universe and all life that supports these times on earth. It is a gesture of love that brings all of you beautiful people to create the means by which to spread the word of what takes place in this journey. We watch and see how much you have contributed to this movement of freedom through your creativity and power, and we are constantly overjoyed with your actions.


As this one I speak through brings you the new features of the ‘Tree’ she will find that there will come many new parts that she will present to the masses. This will come through as old leaves fall away from the branches and new ones grow in their places. It is a wondrous new journey that the tree is taking and there will be new things that will happen that will add to its fullness. I take this opportunity to say that I am very happy about this newness for it represents that totality of how the new expression of the planet is coming about. You are all in your journey to the newness, and what you are doing is by far the best way that you can do it.


I leave now with the admonition that the ones who are carrying the load of forgetting who they are, will find that they shall have an awakening that will bring about a whole new way of living in their world. It will present to them that they can either accept what they are being shown, or they will be taken to another place to work out what it is that is destined for them to experience. That is the bottom line in their lives of fear. The bottom line for all of you who live in a world filled with love is that there is no bottom line, for all in your world is endless and ongoing into forever.


Take your steps and dance into the joyful release that you are creating, for it is the dance of peace, joy and love. We are wondrous to your love, and emit forth our love to you in leaps and boundless beams of light. Carry on in your own identity and find that trueness from which you will beam your love throughout eternity.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate